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VTech VSMART Weatherproof SOS Pendant Careline Range

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Need a little extra peace of mind?

The VTech VSmart Weatherproof SOS Pendant Careline Range allows the user to alert others when pushed

  • Compatible with VTech CareLine phones
  • Press SOS pendant button when emergency event occurs
  • Base and Handset (and VSmart Extension Ringer if one is paired to the system) ring and Handset display shows “SOS mode”
  • If no Base/Handset responds to the alert, Base will call out to external SOS phone number/s and announce the message (SOS phone numbers and message are programmed by the user).
  • Once a number key is pressed by SOS call receiver then 2-way communication is open with the base speakerphone.
  • IPx4 Weather Proof
  • 6 month battery life (replaceable)
  • NOTE: when either a VS014 and/or VS015 is paired to the VTech CareLine system they use a handset position i.e. you will be able to pair one less handset

For purposes of clarity the pendant is not 2 way. Once the SoS pendant has been pushed it activates by ringing the base and all handsets internally first, and if no help is forthcoming within 20 seconds then external SoS call is made.

Communication is then only possible via base or handsets to an external SoS programmed number.

6cm x 6cm x 2cm and weighs 150 grams


1. Is there more than one person called? Does it cycle until someone answers?

A: 5 different SOS numbers can be programmed and it cycles through all programmed numbers 3 times

2. What happens is the SoS call hits a voicemail, does it terminate there?

A: When SOS call is answered the call receiver must hit a number to activate the SOS message so if a voicemail answers it will hang up and dial the next SOS number in sequence.

3. When the SoS call goes out, does the call introduce the SoS? i.e "This is an SoS call (and what other information is provided?)

A: Yes and this message is user-programmable.

4. if the SoS goes to a mobile, does it also text it's an SoS as well?

A: No - it's voice only

To view, download and print the VTech VSMART Weatherproof SOS Pendant Careline Range user guide, simply click on the PDF

VTech VSMART Weatherproof SOS Pendant Careline Range