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Hearing Aids: Please email us at sales@hearforless.com.au with your contact details and we will happily put you in touch with one of our preferred clinics convenient to your location.

Non Hearing Aid products:

Hear for Less® work with trusted manufacturers and suppliers to bring you the very best quality products available in today’s market.

We stand by all of our brands and that’s why we offer you a “no worries” 30 days money back guarantee where possible. Please read our returns policy carefully when making your choice.

Due to our large range of products the first question you need to ask yourself is

From experience it’s best to understand the value you could receive from the product you choose. We have attached PDF’s, downloadable documents, which can be found next to most products. These documents have everything you need to make the best informed decision about the solution you desire. If you’re still not sure then simply get in touch through our contact page.

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