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Professional Product Installation Set-Up Quote

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Need Professional Product Installation Set-Up Quote ? (Non-Hardwired Electrical)

Hear for Less now has a network of Professional Installers Australia-wide who will get your new solution installed, up and running whether it's in the home or office.

Please note this service is for obtaining a "no obligation free quote". If the quote is accepted then payment for the quote is due up front. Installation is not a free service.

We cover most areas of Australia, however, please get in touch if you live in regional Australia to ensure we can reach you. 

Whether it's setting up a phone or installing a linked solution such as Bellman or Brooks wireless products, we are here to provide a full end-to-end solution to meet your daily needs.

If your solution requires an electrician to hardwire and install at least one product, then you will need to book our new Qualified Electrician Installation, which can be found by clicking here:

N.B: By proceeding with this professional installation service where holes might be drilled we assume that you are either the property owner or have the necessary agreement from your landlord in order for this work to be conducted.

Unfortunately, due to the warranty and integrity of the quality solutions we provide, temporary fixtures such as using adhesives, glues or any other materials not mentioned in the products installation guide are deemed outside of our installation scope and we cannot provide any installation of those products.

There are no refunds for work carried out and cancellation fees apply.

Simple 3 Step Process:

  1. Order products from our website. If you are purchasing a non-hardwired smoke alarm then read and understand your State's fire safety requirements (detailed below) and purchase your products. We're happy to assist you with this step, should you need a hand.
  2. Once your products have arrived at your premises, please double-check to ensure everything you ordered is there. This is very important. Either way, get in contact with us to discuss next-steps. 
  3. Once you have confirmed that all is in order then the installation will be booked with one of our Professional Product Installers and schedule will be agreed upon

What To Expect?

Hear for Less will send all of the solutions directly to you. It's important that you prepare the products ready for installation, so simple tasks like:

Your preparation:

1. Charging all of the batteries of the wireless solutions provided, so they don't run out of battery whilst the installer is there. 

2. Downloading any App's to your smartphone - tablet or smart TV and connecting them to your solutions. It's important that you do this yourself because there will be times when you change your phone, tablet or TV and will need to re-do these steps. Today's App related installations are step-by-step, making it easy to follow.

3. Knowing your Wifi Password, for any solutions like the Ring4 Video Doorbell or EUFY Security Cameras to connect to.

The installer:

1. The professional installer will turn up under the assumption that the above 3 steps have been made by you. This means that they can carry out their work quickly within the scope and timeline you have been quoted for. 

2. The professional installer will complete a site risk assessment to ensure they are in a safe working environment to carry out the full scope of the installation task at hand. 

3. The professional installer will then set about to perform the full installation of the scope of the products agreed upon. 

4. All products and solutions will be installed in line with the products specific manufacturing guidelines. If you, the client, advises the installation to be varied in any way, shape or form, and it's deemed safe to do so by the installer then this request automatically voids any post installation responsibility from the installation team. Therefore any issues that may arise after installation will need to be rebooked in and paid for by you, the client.

5. Once everything is set-up, tested and working, the professional installation is complete.


It's important that you understand the solutions which have been installed. For example, Brooks smoke alarms will not trigger flashing lights from the Bellman range. They are two different ranges of products that do not communicate with each other.

Also to understand how each solution is connected and works so that if a flashing light stops working then you will understand how to 'pair' it again.

N.B: There is also a mileage cost associated with travel over 30kms which is chargeable and will be quoted for. 

Some exclusions would be, but not limited to: (additional fees will apply)

  1. Multiple solution installations and pairing
  2. Concrete ceilings/walls
  3. Very high ceilings
  4. EUFY Security Camera installations*
  5. After-hours installations
  6. Additional work, outside the scope of the above basic installation

*EUFY Cameras only come with wall mounts. If you property requires cameras to be mounted on the eves or another area of the house, for whatever reason, then additional materials and time will need to be factored into the quote. If the installer attends the property and this has not already been discussed then the two choices are to A: Have the work done and agree to pay the difference, or B: Have the cameras mounted with the knowledge that they may not cover the area intended. Mounting the EUFY cameras on the Eves can only be done so if Asbestos is not present in the house.

If you have any of the above exclusions, please let us know beforehand, so that we can adjust your bill on a case by case basis. 

Once we understand more about your housing situation and the products you're looking to have installed then we will provide you with a full quote which will adjust the overall pricing of the installation. 

Please note regional areas may incur additional travel charges and will be quoted on a case by case basis. 


Whilst You're Here?

We've all been in that situation, an installer / tradie is at your place and you suddenly remember an item that needs fixing, replacing or to be created. Any such request sits outside the scope of what was originally discussed and will come down to two factors.

  1. Time:The professional Installer will have already had their day and timing's pre-booked, so it will be at the Professional Installers decretion if they can assist you that day. 
  2. Materials: The Professional Installer may not have the materials nor the means to help you with the extra task and will therefore be at the decretion if they can assist you that day. 

All costs associated with any 'out-of-scope' set-ups will be payable by you directly to the Professional Installer on site whilst they are on your premises.

Cancellations And Unavailability

Should you cancel within 48 hours of the agreed appointment or not be available when a Professional Installer turns up for the agreed-upon time and date then up to the entire fee quoted will be deducted from your upfront costs due to loss of original business, regardless of circumstances (this also includes if the landlord has not granted you permission). Our Professional Installers wish you to make this installation a priority and ensure a homeowner or decision-maker is present on the day to allow full access into the property. 

It is imperative that you contact Hear for Less directly and immediately if your circumstances change and you need to rebook.


If your home was built before 1990, chances are it might have Asbestos in the ceiling or other parts of your home. You are to notify us immediately before booking any installations so that a plan can be put in place. If an installation is booked and Asbestos found then the installer has the right to leave the premises and charge for their time up to $197.00 (including GST)

Do I Comply With My State's Smoke Alarm Regulations?

Please see the details below relating to the state of which is relevant to your accommodation is located. Through this installation, we can only offer you wireless battery operated smoke and carbon alarm systems. Click here if you require a hardwired alarm system to be installed.


Smoke Alarm Legislation By Each State of Australia.

Select your state below the map to understand which smoke alarm legislation set-up your accommodation requires. 

states of australia

VIC   QLD   NSW   SA   WA   NT   TAS   ACT


N.B: All hardwired solutions must be installed by a qualified electrician. 

If your solution requires an electrician to hardwire and install at least one product, then you will need to book our new Qualified Electrician Installation, which can be found by clicking here:

If you have questions about any of the solutions that we offer, then feel free to get in touch with the team here at Hear For Less. Fill out our online enquiry form now to contact us without even leaving our website. You can also quickly get in touch with us by calling us on 1800432736 or emailing us at save@hearforless.com.au for a swift and informed response.