Smoke Alarm Legislation TAS

Remember, Only Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

Smoke Alarm Legislation Australia

Smoke Alarms

There are two types of smoke alarms available for residents on the market:

  • ionisation smoke alarms;
  • photoelectric smoke alarms.

The photoelectric smoke alarm may be more effective in detecting smouldering fires. We recommend that as your ionisation smoke alarm nears its expiry date (usually ten years) or becomes faulty, you consider replacing it with a photoelectric smoke alarm.

Beginning in August 1997, smoke alarm regulations in Tasmania have stated that both new residential buildings and residential buildings that have had renovations that necessitated a building permit must have a minimum of one smoke alarm on each level. This smoke alarm must have a direct connection to the electrical supply of that building. In addition, this smoke alarm must possess a battery back-up.

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