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Bellman & Symfon Visit Care Bundle

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Bellman & Symfon Visit Care Bundle

Save BIG with this bundle:

This is a very sophisticated home alert system consisting of the Bellman Push Button Transmitter which doubles as a doorbell, system for telephone alert and a Bellman Flash Receiver. The phone line can be connected to the flash receiver and people will impaired hearing will be alerted every time the doorbell rings or there is an incoming call on the telephone. Whenever the flash receiver receives a signal from the doorbell or the telephone line, the lights on it will start flashing and alert people with impaired hearing.

BE1240 Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter

This is the controller of the entire Bellman Visit alert system. The push-button transmitter can easily be installed on your doorbell and it will send a radio signal to the flash receiver every time the button is pushed. Whenever someone at the door rings the doorbell by pushing the button, you will be alerted via the signals on your flash receiver as lights on it will start flashing. Because the receiver is a wireless, handheld or pocket carried device you will be able to roam around anywhere in the house without having to worry about missing a caller on the doorstep.

BE1330 Visit Flash Receiver

The flash receiver being a portable product can be carried around the house and placed in a position from where you can easily see the coloured lights flashing and alerting you to the activation of your home alert systems. You can choose light colours to determine which light you want to use as alerting signal for which system. The flash receiver comes along a table stand but if you want you can purchase a wall bracket for the receiver as well. This is a rechargeable device which can be charged by connecting it to the power supply.

The receiver has four different LED lights which will flash and alert people with impaired hearing whenever someone is on the door or there is an incoming call. The flash receiver can also be used with the:

  • Visit Smoker Detector System - the flash receiver emits a red light whenever it detects a smoke signal
  • Baby Cry Transmitter - an orange light is emitted whenever the receiver receives a signal of the baby crying
  • Incoming calls - a yellow light flashes whenever there is an incoming call
  • Doorbell - green light is emitted whenever the doorbell is pushed