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Bellman BE9168 Visit Power Supply

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Bellman BE9168 Visit Power Supply

The Bellman BE9168 Visit Power Supply is an essential accessory designed to seamlessly complement and power various Bellman products, including the Bellman BE1370 Alarm Clock Pro, and Bellman BE1380 Visit alarm Clocks, as well as the Bellman BE1442 Visit Flash Receiver and Bellman BE1033 Visit Portable Receiver.

-Length 1.35m

- Colour - white

The Bellman BE1033 Visit Portable Receiver already comes with 4 x DD batteries, so upgrading to the Bellman BE9168 Visit Power Supply will now make it mains powered.

This power supply unit ensures uninterrupted functionality and reliability, allowing users to fully utilize the features and capabilities of their Bellman devices.

Crafted with precision and quality, the BE9168 Visit Power Supply provides a steady and consistent power source to support the alarm clocks and receivers, ensuring they operate at optimal performance levels. Its compatibility with a range of Bellman products makes it a versatile solution for users seeking efficiency and convenience in managing their assistive listening and alerting systems.

With the Bellman BE9168 Visit Power Supply, users can confidently rely on their Bellman devices to deliver clear and effective alerts, notifications, and timekeeping functionalities, enhancing their overall experience and accessibility. Whether at home, in the workplace, or on the go, this power supply unit serves as a dependable companion, empowering users to stay connected and informed with ease.

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