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August 08, 2020 4 min read

In this blog, we discuss the effects that Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) for the Hard of Hearing Community, what this means and simple steps that should be taken during this tough pandemic sweeping the globe.

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By now we're all aware of local governments do's and don'ts when it comes to hand washing and other hygiene best practices, so below we have included some links to our ear hygiene products that will also help you guard against nasty ear infections too.


What Are The Effects Of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) For The Hard Of Hearing Community?

The ability to communicate between one another has been around since the dawn of time, whether it's animals, mammals, insects or the human race.

As an intelligent species, we rely on communication with one another for our daily living requirements. Those whose hearing is being challenged, gravitate towards other means to understand conversations. These include watching peoples gestures, lip reading and so on. 

Since the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has kicked in, Governments around the have set out restrictions that range from social distancing to wearing masks and new laws that inhibit people from seeing each other during their various stages of lockdown.  

What this means is that for those who are hard of hearing or even deaf, the ability to understand people, connect and feel included can be a challenge, especially if the ability to read lips or regard hand gestures have been taken away. 

This can often lead to loneliness or even worse, depression. 

Whether you're an NDIS Participant or Self-Funded, Hear for Less has a wide variety of solutions that can assist you to help stay connected with your loved ones during these unprecedented times.

Here are some links for which our clients have told us make a huge difference to their day to day living.

Hearing Aids: Tele-Audiology

More details below about Tele-Audiology

Mobile Phones For Seniors

Large screens, big buttons, loud speakers and use M4/T4 technology to connect to Telecoil / Bluetooth enabled Hearing Aids for the far better call experience

TV Listeners

A better way to experience the TV programmes you love, without annoying your neighbours. These systems allow for split level hearing, meaning you can adjust to TV volume to suit you and others can enjoy the TV at their own normal level.

Personal Amplifiers 

For multiple ways to hear converations, music and the TV more clearly.

Amplified Home Phones

Large screens, big buttons, loud speakers and some use M4/T4 technology to connect to Telecoil / Bluetooth enabled Hearing Aids for the far better call experience, whilst others are simply Hearing Aid compatible.

 personal amplifiers

I Need To Get Hearing Aids

We have many clients contacting us about getting Hearing Aids, whether they're new Hearing Aids users or looking to replace / upgrade their Hearing Aids.

Can I Still Go Into A Clinic?

For this who are looking to get Hearing Aids for the first time we recommend seeing one of our Hearing Care Professionals face to face. This way they can show you the Hearing Aids and how to fit the Hearing Aids properly.

To see if there is a clinic near you, simply click here and then get in contact with us to arrange next steps.

Our clinics offer a thoroughly hygienic experience and follow all Covid-19 best practices in their face-to-face consultations.

What About Tele-Audiology?

For those of you who are already Hearing Aid wearers, you have the unique ability to go through our Tele-Audiology process. It's fast, easy and you don't have to visit a clinic to get your new Hearing Aids. You can still get up to 45 days trial and everything is done through postage and over the phone / video in the comfort of your own home.

For more information about Tele-Audiology, click here.



My Hearing Aid Hygiene

Hearing Aid Hygiene is key to guard against nasty ear infections, however, now more than ever we highly promote Hearing Aid hygiene to guard against any contaminants picked up when out and about.

Researchers found people touched their faces an average of 16 times per hour. This number rises for those who wear anything on their head, be it facemasks, sunglasses, reading glasses (and we know these fog up a lot) and finally Hearing Aids - to fit, adjust, turn on / off and to remove.

For Hearing Aid Hygiene it's important that you clean our Hearing Aid investment on a daily basis, and what better way than to set and forget than using a portable electronic UV Hearing Aid cleaning device. Our latest one only takes up to 45 minutes.

Click here to check out our full range of electronic and non-electronic Hearing Aid cleaning devices 



Tinnitus That Drives You Crazy

If you suffer from Tinnitus and are in lockdown, this can add to high levels of discomfort, frustration and the feeling of being trapped. For respite against Tinnitus Hear for Less has a number of solutions that can assist you.

Click here for a view of our full range of Tinnitus solutions

tinnitus relief


Hear For Less And Covid-19

Hear for Less online is still running 24/7, meaning we will process your orders as we have always done. 

For the most up-to-date information please click here to see how Hear for Less is following Government guidelines to ensure that you get the products you need.

If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch with the team here at Hear For Less. Fill out our online enquiry form now to contact us without even leaving our website.

You can also quickly get in touch with us by calling us on 1800432736 or emailing us at sales@hearforless.com.au for a swift and informed response.

These are unprecedented times, please stay safe, look after yourselves and we wish you all the very best. 

The team at Hear for Less

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