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What Is Tele-Audiology?

Tele-Audiology, similar to the Tele-Medicine concept and, is the process that delivers Audiological services. 'Tele' comes from the Greek word, meaning distance. Like Telephone or Telekinesis.

Tele-Audiology is not a new concept, in fact it's been discussed for over 20 years.

"This term was first used by Dr. Gregg Givens in 1999 in reference to a system being developed at East Carolina University in North Carolina, USA. The first Internet audiological test was accomplished in 2000 by Givens, Balch and Keller."

What Tele-Audiology Services Are Provided?

Hear for Less is now providing Tele-Audiology directly to  clients regardless or borders.

We have a list of requirements that each client must meet in order to provide our services. 

What Requirements Do I Have To Meet To Be Selected?

  • First you have to be over 18 years old
  • Already have or can acquire an up to date AudioGram which you can email directly to us?  
  • Must already be a hearing aid wearer - preferred for correct fitting purposes
  • Self Funded, no financial assistance from the Government
  • Technically Aware, have the ability to use and have either an up to date Smartphone, Tablet or Computer (Strong enough WiFi for video calling)
  • Comfortable with wearing BTE or RIC hearing aids
  • Do not require custom moulds to be created

What is the Tele-Audiology process?

If you meet the above requirements, then the Tele-Audiology process is reasonably simple. 

Once we understand your current hearing situation, one of our hearing care professionals will review and make a decision based on your supplied AudioGram to see if you are a suitable candidate. 

If unsuccessful, we will let you know what alternatives solutions are available to you.

If successful and you're happy to proceed then one of our hearing care professionals will be in touch with you to proceed with the Tele-Audiology process, which varies slightly depending on the hearing aid brand you choose.

You can rest assured that you will be in good professional hands and that you will have a sound understanding of the process that needs to be followed.

You will receive between 1 - 3 Tele-Audiology "face-to-face" appointments with the hearing care professional to ensure the correct fitting and re-tuning of your new hearing aids.