Ultimate Power One Size 675 (QTY 120) Hearing Aid Care Kit

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Get the very best in hearing aid care with this Ultimate Aid Care Kit + 120 hearing aid batteries.

Power One size 675 hearing aid batteries: We will provide you with the latest, freshest hearing aid batteries that could last you up to 12 months.

Dry-Go UV Electronic Drying Station, by Widex:

Are you worried about ear infections, hygiene and protecting your investment in hearing aids? Or do you wear hearing aids and suffer from ear ache or pain. The Dry-Go UV for perfect drying and cleaning

The WIDEX DRY-GO UV™ electronic drying station is the perfect way to care for your hearing aids and earmoulds, no matter what brand they are. Small, portable and easy to use, the DRY-GO UV lets you clean and dry your hearing aids overnight. And because it uses ultraviolet (UV) light, it is completely hygienic. So the risk of ear infections is reduced.
Easy to use: start simply by touching the sensor button
• Switches off automatically after three hours of drying
• Energy efficient: uses very little power
• Standard charger: means that you can use it anywhere

• Hygienic: cleans with UV light Safe: UV light is switched off if the lid is opened
• Protects: extends the lifetime of your hearing aid


Pain, vertigo, tinnitus, painful inflammation of the ear, hearing loss, itching and chronic cough. These are just some of the symptoms and outcomes when you do not look after your ears.

Traditionally you had to suffer from a two-step costly process which involved a Dr and syringing of the ears.

Thankfully, with Cleanears, you do not have to suffer any more. This is the latest dual-action, no fuss, easy-to-use Ear Wax removal product to market and is suitable for children.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Care Cleaning Kit, by Phonak:

Keeping your Hearing Aids clean and clear means that your investment will be given the best chance to last the full life cycle. All of the product included in this kit have been carefully designed and tested to ensure you can provide the best care to your Hearing Aids and Ear Moulds.

In this durable handy little zip bag you will find the following items:

-       Drying Cup

-       Drying Capsules

-       Puffer

-       Spray

-       Brush / Wax Tool / Line

-       Cleaning Cloth

-       Cleaning Tablets

-       Cleaning Wipes

RECYCLE your hearing aids and hearing aid batteries

WARNING: Button Cell / Coin Cell batteries are very small. We advise that you must keep these in a stored location that cannot be accessed by children. Please seek urgent medical advice if you believe a child has accidentally swallowed a battery.

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