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Power One Hearing Aid Batteries SPECIAL OFFER - Get 2 Packs of Hearing Aid Batteries Free With Every Box

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Power One Hearing Aid Battery Promo Offer

You are Purchasing Power One (60 QTY) Mercury Free High Level Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries with a bonus offer of two blister packs (12 QTY) free worth $8.00 - upto *84 days+ of free hearing on us

72 Hearing Aid Batteries in total.

Step One: Simply select the correct size Hearing Aid Batteries for your Hearing Aids.

If you're not sure, then your current Hearing Aid Batteries are colour-coded. You need to select 10 (Yellow), 13 (Orange), 312 (Brown) or 675 (Blue)

Step Two: Add this special order to your basket to get your FREE hearing aids with this exclusive purchase.

Step Three: If you're finished shopping, check out, otherwise browse our website for more special deals to add to your basket.

Step Four: Your fresh batteries will be delivered to you.

Power One Hearing Aid Batteries are amongst the most popular hearing aid batteries available in today’s marketplace.

What Is The Expiry Date?

All of our hearing aid batteries are genuine and the freshest stock available and come with at least 12 months of expiry dates on them, but usually much longer.

Power One batteries are manufactured in Germany, at the world's most up-to-date and biggest production site for hearing aid batteries.

As one of the world’s top selling brands by VARTA these hearing aid batteries are specifically designed to give the highest in quality and reliability which results in an extremely long life with maximum comfort.

They are produced on fully automated high-speed lines. The high degree of automation of this process means that very few manual operations are required - the risk of error is therefore minimal.

What Range of Sizes Do You Stock?

Our range of Power One Hearing Aid Batteries come in the popular P312, P10, P13 and P675. Power One hearing aid battery products also come with fresh date codes.

Batteries: There are 6 fresh batteries in each blister pack which include a handy dispenser wheel to ensure that you only take out the battery you need, one at a time.

Hearing Aid Batteries are small and fiddly, so manufacturers have placed long tags on each battery for three main reasons:

  1. It makes batteries easy to handle.
  2. You clearly know which battery has been used or not and,
  3. Zinc Air Batteries remain fresh, longer.

Freshness: Due to our high turnover in Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries both domestically and internationally we are constantly ordering in NEW batteries. This means you will always receive fresh Hearing Aid Batteries from Hear for Less which will give you the longest lasting time before the expiry date.

Packaging: We carefully package your batteries to ensure they remain fresh and are protected against harsh weather conditions both domestically and internationally.

RECYCLE your hearing aids and hearing aid batteries

WARNING: Button Cell / Coin Cell batteries are very small. We advise that you must keep these in a stored location that cannot be accessed by children. Please seek urgent medical advice if you believe a child has accidentally swallowed a battery.

Images are for illustration purposes only.

*Up to 84 days free hearing is based on 1 hearing aid or 42 for binaural use

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