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Olitech EasyTel2 4G Homephone For Seniors Elderly Big Button Unlocked

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The Olitech, the creators of the #1 Mobile Phone for Seniors, as voted by Choice Magazine 2018 brings you the Olitech EasyTel. Absolutely no NBN or landline required. How's that for a bit of telecommunication magic?

Looks and feels like a regular (landline) Telephone, How Does It Work?

The Olitech EasyTel2 is a home/office phone which uses a microSIM SIM card instead of a landline, saving you hundreds of dollars of unused landline connection costs. Simply pop in your standard sized SIM card and away you go.

The Olitech EasyTel2 looks like a normal landline phone making it a popular choice for seniors, those who are hearing/vision impaired.

Do away with unsightly/costly monthly landline costs. We provide the hardware, you choose which mobile phone network provider and plan (month by month/pay as you go) you believe is best for your individual situation.


Key Functions

  • Hearing Aid Compatible M4/T4
  • Easy set-up / clear navigation
  • Large Screen
  • Test Messaging (sending and receiving)
  • Large Tactile Buttons
  • Up to 3 Dedicated Speed Dial Numbers
  • Incoming Call Visual Indicator
  • Up To 90dB Ring Tone (adjustable) 
  • 40dB Handset Volume Boost Button (adjust tone level)
  • Easy Volume Key
  • Loud Speaker Function
  • Talking Key Pad (can be muted if required)
  • Emergency Button (Emergency Pendant Optional)
  • Bluetooth Headset Compatible (Optional Extra)
  • Up to 8 Hours Standby Time Rechargeable Battery
  • Works In Power Outages
  • Multiple Language Display

Hearing Aid Compatible 

M4/T4 (T) Telecoil and Bluetooth compatible means that the Olitech EasyTel2 can connect to Telecoil/Bluetooth enabled Hearing Aids providing a clearer quality call for users. Simply pick-up the phone handset and use normally to achieve the best results.

Volume Boost

40dB handset volume boost button for extra volume. The Olitech EasyTel2 also has a one-button loud-speaker function. 

Emergency Button

One-touch emergency button means you can call for instant help when you need.

Important Information:

CAN I KEEP MY EXISTING LANDLINE NUMBER? Buying the Olitech EasyTel2 4G Homephone is like buying standard a Mobile Phone. Therefore you put a Mobile Phone SIM card in this device and the number to call this device will be that of a mobile phone. Of course you can redirect your landline phone number to this Mobile Device, however, this could provide rather expensive.

DISTANCE: The emergency pendant will only work up to 10 - 12 meters indoors / 20 meters outdoors, however as the phone does not rely on a landline, the user can take it with them where ever they go, bedroom, lounge, outside (weather dependant as this unit is not waterproof by any means)

COVERAGE: It's extremely important that you use a Mobile Phone Network Provider who has the best 4G coverage for your area, which includes inside the house/office. Failure to do so will render the EasyTel2 phone useless.

There is a visual 4G mobile network indicator 


It is highly recommended that you always have the power cord plugged into a wall socket, and only use the battery component of the phone when there is a power outage / or no power is available at that time. Failure to do so could render the phone unusable if you were to forget and the battery dies.

Once the power cord is reconnected, the phone battery will instantly recharge.


Operating the EasyTel2 phone may interfere with medical devices such as like hearing aids and pacemakers, or other medical devices in hospital. Consult a physician or the manufacturer of the medical device before using the phone. 


Set your EasyTel2 phone to the following languages: English (default), French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish or Swedish. 


Weight: 802g

Phone Size:

Height 5 cm or 13cm with height adjuster

Length: 12cm

Width 20cm 


The Olitech EasyTel2 Emergency Pendant comes with 12 months limited warranty for hardware and software manufacturing faults.

User Guide

Each Olitech EasyTel2 product comes with a manual printed in larger text. By purchasing this product, you agree to read in full the guide on how to set-up your EasyTel2 product and adhere to conditions in which these products are to be used, taking care not to void the 12 months limited warranty.

Click HERE to view the Olitech Easytel2 User Manual