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Humantechnik LA60 Portable Plug and Play Loop System

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Settle down into your favorite seat. You can enjoy the sound of your hi-fi system, the radio or the television. The background sounds will no longer distract you.

Pick up audio media directly through a comfortable under-the-chin receiver: The LA-60 inductive loop amplifier for direct audio reception in small to medium-sized rooms, at home or in small conference rooms.

The LA-60 is equipped with control knobs to balance between the two inputs and set the overall volume. Indicator lights show the status of the amplifier.

Would you like to equip private rooms, small to medium-sized conference rooms or event halls up to 16m square metres in size with induction loop systems?

HUMANTECHNIK has a very wide range of products that will definitely suit your day to day needs.

Humantechnik LA60 

Amplifier for transmitting audio signals to the inductive loop pad.

The LA-60 induction loop amplifier picks up the sound from an audio source and transmits it to an induction loop pad or an induction loop. This induction loop then transmits the signal inductively to the hearing aid.

The LA-60 Loop Amplifier provides a practical solution for hearing aid users to listen more easily to conversation or other audio sources via the “T” or “MT” facility of their aid. The amplifier unit picks up sound via a microphone or direct connection lead and sends the signal to a loop placed in the listening area which transmits the sound inductively, »magnetic sound waves«, to the hearing aid.


  • Quality small induction loop system with excellent sound
  • Easy installation
  • Loop for a maximum area of 16m²
  • Individual volume control
  • Used for each hearing aid with telecoil
  • Connection via SCART or RCA cable
  • Humantechnik loop pad connectable

Product details:

Mains connection:

180 - 265 V AC

50/60 Hz 10 VA

Dimensions (HxWxD): 65 x 121 x 35 mm or a size of an adult hand.

Weight: 146 g

Output power of the inductive loop:

1,3 A RMS, 1,82 A Peak output current
100 - 5kHz (conforms to BS6083 pt4
(IECI 18-4) for a loop,
with 24/0.2 (0.75mm²) cable at 0.03 Ohm/m)


  • Has two microphones.
  • Has loop to plug.
  • With volume and balance module -- mic 1 and mic 2.
  • With European and Australian plug.
  • Comes with wiring (loop).
  • With documentation, operation instruction, and document of warranty.
  • With a range of stickers -- inside the window -- whenever you prefer it to be placed.
  • Comes with an analog SCART converter.
  • With a microphone jack.
  • Comes with 2x single male to jewel 1 female RCA cord.
  • Comes with jewel ended RCA to RCA cord.