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EUFY Security Cam 2 Pro 2K Single Addon Camera

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Eufy Cam 2 Pro 2K Additional Wire-Free Camera 

Addon Camera. Requires Homebase to use.

Key features
2K Resolution cameras with advanced night vision capture more detail in crisp 2K clarity
100% Wire-Free camera
Intelligent AI technology

Secure your home and increase your confidence by adding an additional 2C security camera to your current EUFYCam security camera set-up, by EUFY.

(Requires EUFY Homebase, not included)

365 Day Battery Life on Cameras. Free Local Storage meaning no monthly fees. Military Garde Encryption - Cameras can not be hacked. 2K Night Vision, Waterproof cameras (IP67), Live Streaming to Smart Device, Two-Way Audio Communication, Free Eufy Security App. Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa & Apple HomeKit.

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

You must have the following:

1. A working modem (household internet) for the EUFY Hub to be connected to, and;

2. A smart device like a smartphone, tablet with a minimum of iOS 8 or Android 4.4 or smart TV in order for this solution to work. 

3. A compatible EUFY security camera kit which already includes a EUFY Hub

What Are My Pre Installation Tasks?

Once you receive your new EUFY solution, you will need the follow these important steps for a smooth set-up.

1. Make sure your smart device has the latest software downloaded (IOS or Android)
2. Make sure your device is fully charged (each camera can take up to 7 hours to fully charge)
3. Make sure your smart device is connected to your home Wifi
4. Download the EUFY App
5. You will need your home Wifi Password
6. Think of a memorable Password to create a login for the EUFY App
7. Username is be your email address
8. Only use one smart device to set-up to completion before downloading the EUFY App to other smart devices. This also includes the installation of the cameras.

Once these 8 steps have been completed the full installation process can begin.

Key Features

2K Waterproof (IP67) Camera with Night Vision

100% Wire-Free

No Contracts or Monthly Fees

Free Local Storage

Two-Way Mounting

Real-Time Notifications

48-hour backup battery for HomeBase

AES 256-bit Data Encryption
100dB Siren Anti-Theft Protection

Human & Face Recognition

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant#, and IFTTT Integration

Cloud Storage Service (Optional)

Search for and view previous recordings with ease

Live streaming and save footage from multiple cameras

Images are for illustrational purposes only, please select the number of cameras correct for your home / office.

What Are The Supported Platforms?

You must have minimum of iOS 8 or Android 4.4 / Web Browser in order for the EUFY system to work correctly.

How Do I Access The EUFY App?

If you have an Android or iPhone Smartphone with the latest update then you can simply click below to access the App best for your phone.


*365 Day Battery Life is dependent on several factors including quality settings, alerts and notification frequency. For optimal battery life settings, please refer to the Eufy Security App.

Images are for illustrational purposes only, please select the number of cameras correct for your home / office.