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Bellman & Symfon BE8066 Visit Safe Bundle

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Save BIG with this BE8066 bundle.

The Bellman BE8066 Visit Safe Pack is a very advanced and latest fire alarm system. This alerting system comprises of an integrated clock, bedshaker alarm and a fire alarm which has been designed especially for those who have hearing problems.

It is very essential that everybody in the house is notified immediately in case of any smoke hazard or fire in the house. If you suffer from hearing loss yourself or have anybody with hearing loss at home then this advanced fire alarm system is just what you need to ensure safety of everybody in your house.

The Visit Safe Bundle consists of the following high end, quality products from Bellman and Symfon:

BE1380 Visit Alarm Clock

This is the most advanced alarm clock in all categories. It consists of the following features:

  • Works as a receiver
  • Goes off whenever a signal is received from the smoke detector in case of fire or smoke hazard
  • Extra loud- 100dB
  • Variable sound frequency
  • Consists of impossible to miss four flashing lights
  • Consists of a soft blue night light
  • Smart snooze option
  • Powerful battery
  • Will send signal to the bedshaker
  • The ringer of your phone can be amplified by connecting the alarm clock to the phone
  • The clock can be connected to a contact mat which can be placed anywhere. The clock will notify you whenever someone steps on the mat

BE1270 Visit Bed-Shaker

This is another important part of the alarm system. You can also use it to wake you up every morning. The bed shaker is placed under the pillow which is connected to the alarm clock. The shaker is automatically activated when it receives a signal from the clock. It can either vibrate or emit sounds or do both.

BE1282L Visit Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The photoelectric smoke detector sends a signal to the alarm clock and bed shaker whenever a smoke or fire is detected.

Photoelectric smoke alarms may be more effective in detecting smouldering fires

Recommended: Further to the legislation upheld by each State of Australia, it is recommended that a smoke alarm is installed in the bedroom of the person who is hard of hear / deaf. That way should any electronics start to smoulder the smoke alarm will alert them right away.  

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