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Bellman & Symfon Visit Pager Cradle Charger Combo

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Bellman Visit Pager Cradle Charger Combo

Combining the Bellman Visit Pager + Charger in one combo is a smart consumer purchase and reduces the need to frequently change the batteries out.

The Bellman Visit Pager notifies you with vibrations and a lighted symbol when a Visit transmitter is being activated. It is small, light-weight and can be carried in your pocket or on your belt. During the night, you can connect a bed shaker to the charger accessory.


Discreet vibration: Produces a non-intrusive vibration
Clear identification: Uses coloured lights and vibration patterns
Lightweight and portable: Includes a belt clip and safety cord
Adjustable radio key: Allows for multiple systems in one area
Optional charger: Equipped with two bed shaker jacks


The Visit system consists of a number of radio transmitters and receivers. The transmitters detect different events in the surrounding area and transmit a radio signal to the receivers. The receivers pick up this signal and provide indications using light and vibration.

The transmitter determines what type of light, sound or vibration should be displayed so that the reason for the indication is evident. Read through the entire user manual first and then start to install the system.

Getting started

Unpacking, installing and testing the unit

  1. Open the battery cover (7). Fit one battery, either an AAA or rechargeable AAA type battery and close the battery cover.
  2. A Visit transmitter is required to test the radio reception. Press the test button on the Visit Transmitter. The Visit Pager will emit a light signal and will vibrate.
  3. Use the clip to attach the Visit Pager to an article of clothing close to the body (9). For extra security, the enclosed safety cord can be tied into the hole on the clip and secured to an article of clothing.

The Bellman Visit Charger unit not only charges the Bellman Visit Pager, however, also allows up to two BE1270 Bed-shakers (accessory) to be connected. These are placed under the pillow so that the user is woken up when the Pager is activated.

Charging of the Bellman Visit Charger takes up to 8 hours, so it best done whilst sleeping. During charging the LED on the charger will light up green but go out when charging is finished. If the Pager remains in the charger after charging is finished, the LED on the charger will blink green now and then to indicate that the battery is being trickle charged.


Please note:


Non-rechargeable batteries will start to leak if re-charged! The acid in the batteries will damage the electronics in the Visit Pager, BE1470 and the resulting damage will not be covered by any guarantee.



The Bellman Visit Pager is a receiver within the Visit system for indoor use, which attracts the attention of the user using light and vibrations.

It is activated via radio signals from any transmitter within the Visit System.

Radio key

On delivery all Visit units are tuned to the same Radio Key. If you have a neighbour with a similar system, you can change to different Radio Keys so that you do not affect each other’s systems.

The radio key on this receiver can be changed by holding down the Function Button (1) for about five seconds until the LEDs (3) and (4) blink alternately. Then press the transmitter’s test button so that the receiver’s LEDs (2-5) blink to confirm that the Radio Key has been changed. All units in a Visit System must have the same Radio Key in order to operate as a group. Refer to the user manual for the relevant unit.

More information is available in the Appendix.

Please note:

All Bellman Visit products within the same system must be tuned to the same Radio Key in order to operate as a group.

Indicators and Signals

It is generally the transmitters in the Visit System that determine how the receivers will indicate an alarm. See the description in the relevant transmitter user manual for further information.

System indicators

The LEDs (2 - 5) that indicate which transmitter has activated the Visit Pager normally have the following meanings.

  • Orange LED (2) indicates a baby cry transmitter.
  • Green LED (3) indicates a door transmitter.
  • Yellow LED (4) indicates a telephone transmitter.
  • Red LED (5) indicates a smoke alarm.

If the green (3) and yellow (4) LEDs blink alternately, this indicates that the Pager is in radio key selection mode. The Pager will then wait for a radio signal from a transmitter in the Visit system which will adjust the receiver to the same radio key as the transmitter is tuned to.


The built-in vibrator vibrates differently according to which transmitter has activated the Pager. Refer to the user manual for the relevant Visit transmitter for more information about vibration patterns.

Please note:

The pager will not vibrate whilst inserted in the charger. Other indicators will act as normal.

Power supply

If the LED (6) briefly blinks yellow, this means that the battery is flat and must be changed. Only use an alkaline AAA type battery or a rechargeable NiMh AAA type battery.

Troubleshooting in brief

Nothing happens.
  • Change or charge the battery. Only use an alkaline AAA type battery or a rechargeable NiMh AAA type battery.
The LED (6) blinks yellow.
  • Change or charge the battery. Only use an alkaline AAA type battery or a rechargeable NiMh AAA type battery.
The pager is not activated.
  • Check the batteries in the transmitters.
  • Check that the pager is not placed too far away from the transmitters by moving it closer to the transmitters.
  • Check that the pager is set to the correct radio key. For further information see Function/Radio key.
The receiver signals when no transmitter is activated.
  • Change the Radio Key on all units in the system. For further information see Function/Radio key.

Technical illustration

  1. Function button
  2. Orange LED
  3. Green LED
  4. Yellow LED
  5. Red LED
  6. Yellow low battery LED indicator
  7. Battery cover
  8. Battery removal button
  9. Clip for attaching to an article of clothing

Technical information

Power supply

Mains power:

Via Visit Charger, BE1260

Battery power:

1 x 1.5 V AAA alkaline or
1.2 V AAA NiMh rechargeable battery.

Operating time:

Alkaline: 2 – 3 weeks
NiMh: Approximately 1 week on one charge

Power consumption:

Active: 220 mA
Idle position: 1 mA

Radio function



Number of Radio Keys:

64 Radio Keys as standard. Special software can be used to increase these to 256 Radio Keys in increments of 64 per software purchase. Contact the nearest supplier for further information.


The normal coverage between a transmitter and receiver in the Bellman Visit 868 System is approximately 200 metres with a clear line of sight. Coverage is reduced if walls and large objects screen off the signals. Any thick walls constructed of reinforced concrete will greatly affect coverage. The system may also be affected by radio transmitters such as TV transmitters, computers, mobile phones, etc. This means that a unit may work perfectly in one part of the room but not at all in another.



Bellman Visit 868 system.

Via analogue telephone network:

26 - 120 V RMS, 15 - 100 Hz.

Output signals

Vibrator power:


Additional information

For indoor use only

Dimensions W x H x D:

57 x 86 x 29 mm


With battery: 70 g
Without battery: 55 g


Grey with a red function button.


Bellman Bed Shaker BE1270 (connected to BE1260)

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