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Bellman BE8051 Visit Baby Cry Pager Bundle

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Bellman & Symfon Visit Baby Cry Pager Bundle

Save BIG with the bundle!

This bundle consists of products which are ideal for parents with impaired hearing and otherwise as it will alert them significantly whenever their baby cries. The pack consists of Bellman Baby Cry Monitor, Bellman Visit Pager and also the Bellman Bed Shaker as well in the Bellman Visit Range.


BE8020 Baby Cry Monitor

This baby cry transmitter from Bellman & Symfon can be easily installed in a baby’s room and it will alert the parents through the visit receiver which flashes and vibrates when a signal is received. This baby cry transmitter with the visit receiver will always enable parents to stay close to their child, no matter what. This baby cry transmitter covers an area of 200m approximately in the clear line of sight.

BE1230 Bellman Visit Pager

Also integrated with the baby cry monitor is the visit pager which will alert parents whenever the baby is crying. The visit system recognizes the sounds of a baby crying. The built-in microphone activates the transmitter and the signal can then be sent to the receiver and alert parents.

BE1260 Bellman Visit Pager Charger

The Pager charger is your must-have accessory to recharge the battery of your Bellman Visit pager during, for example, the night. You can also connect up to two bed-shakers to be awakened by vibrations if any of the Visit transmitters are activated while you are asleep.

BE1270Bellman Bed Shaker

This item can be easily slid under the pillow so that parents with hearing impairment can easily be woken up if the baby is crying and the pager is activated. The pager pack can be taken along anywhere because it is portable.

The Bellman Baby Cry Pager Pack can also be integrated with other Bellman and Symfon products designed to help people with impaired hearing return to functioning normally throughout their days. If you chose to have the Visit Bellman Alarm Clock with the baby cry pager you can add a sound component to the alert system as well.

All of these products work with the Bellman Visit Range of solutions