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Bellman Large House Pager Package

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Win Our Great Holiday Giveaway With This Bellman Large House Pager Package

This package is a great example of popular items ordered by those living in a larger-sized house or apartment (based on a 3+ bedroomed house)

Combining safety and alerts this package covers the basics, allows for notifications on the move and is also approved through the NDIS. Hear for Less can process this package through self, plan and agency managed across all states of Australia and we also accept partially self-funded payments should your NDIS budget not cover this full package.

As this package is just over $2,000.00 you will instantly win our great Holiday Giveaway to be redeemed locally here in Australia or overseas, once borders open up.

Here is what you will get in this Bellman Larger House Pager Package: (Click on the titles below to read more information about each product)

Bellman Visit Pager (Receiver)

The Bellman Visit Pager notifies you with vibrations and a lighted symbol when a Visit transmitter is being activated. It is small, light-weight and can be carried in your pocket or on your belt. During the night, you can connect a bed shaker to the charger accessory.

Bellman Visit Pager Charger

The Pager charger is your must have accessory to recharge the battery of your Bellman Visit pager during, for example, the night. You can also connect up to two bed shakers to be awakened by vibrations if any of the Visit transmitters are activated while you are asleep.

Bellman Visit Alarm Clock (Receiver)

This is the most advanced alarm clock in all categories. The Bellman Visit Alarm Clock omits bright flashing LED lights, produces soundwaves of up to 100dB and when plugged in the Bellman Visit Bedshaker vibrates. You can also choose which way you prefer to be woken up. Mains powered the Alarm also has battery back-up, in case of a power cut.

Bellman Bed-Shaker

This is a powerful bed-shaker that can be attached to your Bellman Visit Alarm Clock, Portable Receiver or Flash Receiver. Once a transmitter (doorbell / smoke alarm) has been activated then the bed-shaker will vibrate and alert you.

Bellman Visit Photoelectric Smoke Detector (transmitter) x 2

This photoelectric smoke detector comes with a 10-year lithium battery, perfect for the full lifecycle of the unit. Once the smoke alarm is activated it transmits signals to all Bellman Visit receivers in range to alert you. Depending on the receivers you have invested in you will be notified by bright flashing lights, Sounds or Vibrations. This package includes two. Either one for upstairs, one for downstairs or two spread apart i.e hallway and lounge room. 

Bellman Visit Doorbell (transmitter)

Easy to set-up and once pushed this transmitter will activate the alarm clock, flash and portable receiver alerting you that someone is at the door. The doorbell itself is silent and pairs well with the portable receiver

Bellman Visit Portable Receiver

The portable receiver is a fantastic way to receive your alerts anywhere in your apartment or house. This is a unit meant for the inside, so if you have a garden then pop it in a place where you can see your alerts whilst keeping the unit safe and dry. Once a transmitter is activated, the portable receiver will alert you via chimes and a flashing light.

Pro-tip: Slide the bed-shaker between the pillowcase and pillow so that shaker remains on your bed whilst you sleep.

Recommended: Further to the legislation upheld by each State of Australia, it is recommended that a smoke alarm is installed in the bedroom of the person who is hard of hear / deaf. That way should any electronics start to smoulder the smoke alarm will alert them right away.  

Need a bespoke package?

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