Audeara A.01 Bluetooth Headphones TV Set Bundle

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Treat Yourself With Bluetooth Headphones TV Bundle.

Combining the best in headphones hearing experience, this is your chance to treat yourself to quality headphones that will seamlessly connect to your TV or Stereo. Easy to set-up, this plug and play bundle can be tuned to your hearing requirements for the best clarity available in today's market.

You are purchasing the Audeara A.01 Bluetooth Headphones


What Are Noise-Cancelling Tailored Headphones?

Imagine having premium noise-cancelling headphones professionally tailored to your individual hearing condition to help you achieve hearing perfection. Regardless of whether your left ear or right ear is weaker if you wear hearing aids or not, Audeara is the perfect solution for your listening goals.

The Audeara Noise Cancelling tailored headphones are wireless using the latest in Bluetooth technology allowing for seamless uninterrupted streaming from your phone or tablet device. Made from the highest quality materials, these headphones are built to last and come with a handy hard carry case perfect for storing and on the go.

Want to connect to your TV? No problem, Audeara have also created a TV / Stereo transceiver turning your analogue device into a Bluetooth streamer. This plug and play solution allows up to two Audeara noise-cancelling tailored headphones to work at individual volumes on the same one Audeara transceiver whilst others in the room enjoy hearing the TV at a level that suits them.

Will These Work With My Hearing Aids?

Yes, and Cochlear Implant hearing devices too. These lightweight premium Audeara headphones have been designed for comfort and wearing during long periods of time. Their cup headphones are designed specifically to easily fit over your ears and devices.

Can I Use The Audeara Headphones When Travelling?

Yes, regardless of your length of travel, these headphones, when fully charged, will provide you up to 65 hours of battery life in flight mode. 

Airlines are upgrading their inflight entertainment systems to Bluetooth which means that you can stream with your Audeara headphones for up to 35 hours using the noise-cancelling feature.

This package also comes with a handy hard carry case, 

What Is Noise Cancelling?

Noise cancelling is a truly life-changing feature that blocks out surrounding ambient noises. This is especially great when flying. The roar of the engines, outside wind, the hum of the internal workings of the plane, cutlery, coughing, babies crying is all blocked out allowing you to pitch back your seat and relax to sounds of your inflight entertainment and enjoy the quality of sound.


How Are Audeara Headphones Optimised?

Send us a copy of your latest AudioGram and we will have your headphones professionally optimised based on your hearing chart for free. Once that's done the headphones will be sent directly to you and away you go.

The Audeara Headphones provide excellence in the quality enhanced clarity of sound experienced, not volume.

What Is The Audeara Headphones Battery Life?

With up to 65 hours of battery life, the Audeara noise-cancelling tailored headphones are your perfect solution for in, around the home and come with a handy case for travelling. 

There are three different modes for you to enjoy

  • Flight mode: 65 hours Active Noise Cancelling + Line in
  • Regular mode: 35 hours Active Noise Cancelling + Audeara effect
  • Eco-mode: 45 hours Bluetooth + Audeara effect

Want to Live Stream Your TV or Stereo?

It's simple to set-up, just plug, connect and play!

The Audeara TV Stereo BT-01 Transceiver allows you to connect up to two Audeara A-01 noise-cancelling headphones (sold separately) to work simultaneously when connected to your TV.

Using the optical connection means both Audeara headphone users can adjust their own volume settings individually.


What Other Functions Does The Transceiver Perform?

The Transceiver is a compact Bluetooth audio transmitter, turning any TV or audio output into a Bluetooth wireless real-time streamer, which can connect to your Bluetooth headphones or speaker.

Alternatively, It can also act as a Hi-Fi Bluetooth music receiver that streams high-quality audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, computer or tablet to any music system or powered speakers.


How Do I Access The Audeara App?

 If you have an Android or iPhone Smartphone with the latest update then you can simply click below to access the App best for your phone.


What's In The Box?

Audeara Headphones:

  • Audeara A-01 Premium Headphones
  • Audeara Hard Carry-case
  • Audeara Setup Guide
  • Audeara Microfibre Accessory Bag
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable with a built-in microphone
  • 3.5mm – 6.5mm Audio Adapter
  • Airline Headphone Adapter
  • Audeara Charging Cable
  • Audeara Travel Carabiner

Audeara Transceiver:

  • BT-01 Transceiver
  • TOSLINK digital optical audio cable
  • 3.5mm AUX audio cable
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Sticky gel mounting strips
  • Quickstart guide
Optional extras:
  • USB wall plugs are not included in the Audeara Wireless Bluetooth Headphones TV Bundle. If you require these then you can choose whether you wish to purchase one and share it between devices or purchase two (one for each device). USB wall chargers will only be included in your delivery when you select "Please Include One USB Wall Charger" or "Please Include Two USB Wall Chargers" in your order.

N.B:Smartphone and TV examples are for illustrational purposes only and are not included in this offering.


What Are The Audeara Headphones Specifications?

Parameter Values

  • Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
  • Active Noise Cancelling Yes
  • Listening Time ≤65 hours
  • Speakers 40mm Mylar Drivers
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 22kHz
  • Audio impedance 32 Ohm
  • Charging Micro USB
  • Operation range ≤10m
  • Wired connection 3.5mm jack

What Are The Audeara Transceiver Specifications?

Parameter Value:

  • Bluetooth version 4.1 with aptX low latency
  • Supported codecs aptX Low Latency, aptX, AAC, SBC
  • Bluetooth profiles A2DP
  • Bluetooth range ≤ 10 meters, 33 feet
  • Inputs and Outputs TOSLINK digital optical input and output, 3.5mm auxiliary input and output
  • Input power 5V DC, 500 mA
  • Latency ∼ 40 milliseconds