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Cleanears Easy Wax Removal

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Cleanears Easy Wax Removal

Easy, pain-free and natural application that works!

Hearing loss, wax build-up, pain, itching, tinnitus, vertigo, painful inflammation of the ear and chronic cough?

Clinically proven, suitable for children and adults

Dual Action: Cleans and dissolves ear wax saving you money on buying two products.

Works instantly: Cleanears liquefies wax on impact. You don’t have to wait 10 minutes unlike competing solutions.

Easy-to-use spray

Effective wax removal.

Prevents ear plugging.

No need to tilt your head or lie down

No preservatives

What is ear wax and what is it's function?

Cerumen (ear wax) is part of the external ear defence mechanism i.e. prevents infection.

It consists of epithelial cells, foreign bodies and glandular secretions.

Cerumen lubricates and cleans the ear canal.

Cleaning is via constant migration of cerumen and the adherence of foreign particles to it.

Sometimes, the wax builds up and becomes compacted, known as ‘ear wax impaction’.

This can lead to symptoms such as mild deafness and a sensation of fullness inside the ear.

How common is ear wax impaction and what are the implications?

2-6% of the population suffer from ear wax impaction.

It is often experienced in patients over 65 years of age; up to 65% of over 65s have cerumen impaction.

What is Cleanears and how does it work?

CleanEars is an ear wax removal spray containing squalene, mineral oil and spearmint oil.

The 3 main ingredients work in the following manner:

Squalene: a similar composition to ear wax but in liquid form.

When it is sprayed into the ear, the squalene collides with the cerumen and through imparting its kinetic energy, it partially liquifies the ear wax.

Mineral oil: irrigates the ear and removes the liquified ear wax.

Spearmint oil: warms the ear canal and provides a pleasant odour.

“The relatively superior efficacy of CleanEars might be attributed to its spray administration, which may provide deeper penetration into the cerumen layers. This mode of administration is certainly more convenient.”