Oricom PRO910-1 Amplified Phone Combo w/ Digital Answering Machine

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The PRO910 is a very popular cordless phone system, especially for persons who are hard of hearing or visually impaired. This model is only can only be sold via leading experts within the Hearing Industry.

PRO910-1 Spec Sheet

This remarkable combo system includes a cordless phone, answering system and a corded phone. Oricom’s Professional series utilises high quality components and innovative acoustic design to provide crystal clear amplified conversations. Each product has been designed to maximize the user’s ability to HEAR and SEE the phone ring, enhancing their ability to communicate comfortably with family, friends and colleagues.

Talking voice menu function on the cordless handset
Guides user through setup, ideal for persons with low vision.

One Touch earpiece volume Boost
Making calls louder and easier to understand.

Loud Ringer
Never miss a call with extra loud ringers on handset and base up to 90 dB spl with 5 volume levels.

Hearing Aid Compatible
The phone contains an inbuilt inductive coupler which offers Hearing Aid users clearer sound. Simply switch your hearing aid to the “T” setting to use this function.

Talking Caller ID with 30 memories on corded base  identify who is calling before you answer.

Integrated Digital Answering System
With no moving parts you are guaranteed long life, high quality recording with loud playback of your messages.

Two user profiles for receiver equalizer and amplification
Two user profiles can be programmed to control earpiece receiver equaliser and amplification.

Visual Ring Indicator
Ultra bright white strobe lights on the handset and base to visually signal incoming calls.

One touch hands-free freedom when making or receiving a call.

High contrast backlit display
High contrast backlit display with enlarged easy to read characters.

Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic design coupled with large well spaced out and tactile buttons provide for comfort and ease of use.

50 Name & Number Phone Book
The simple to use phonebook stores 50 names and numbers for quick dial out.

Technical Specification:                                                                                Pro910
Technology                                                                                                                DECT
Number of handsets Supplied                                                                               1
Maximum number of Handsets                                                                           5
Additional Handsets Available individually                                                    YES
Display Type                                                                                                              Dot Matrix
Backlit LCD                                                                                                               Green
Headset jack                                                                                                              YES
Multiple language support                                                                                    YES
Battery Type and Quantity (per handset)                                                          3 x AAA NiMH
Auto standby power saving mode                                                                        NO
Detachable belt clip                                                                                                 NO
Backlit Keypad                                                                                                          NO
Wall Mountable                                                                                                       NO

Speaker Phone on Handset                                                                                  YES
Speaker Phone on Base                                                                                          YES
Keypad on Base                                                                                                        YES
Corded Handset on Base                                                                                       YES
Talking voice menu function on cordless handset                                         YES
Phonebook, 50 Names and Number
Last Number redial (Number of memories)                                                      10
Mute function                                                                                                           YES
Recall function                                                                                                         YES
External/Internal call transfer between handsets                                         YES
3-way conference (2 internal 1 external)                                                          YES
Intercom between handsets                                                                                  YES
Adjustable Ring volume control on handset                                                    YES
Adjustable Ring volume control on base                                                           YES
Ring melodies selection on handset                                                                   YES
Ring melodies selection on base                                                                         YES
Handset key lock                                                                                                     YES
Phonebook lookup                                                                                                  YES
Call log                                                                                                                       YES
New call indication                                                                                                YES
VMWI indication (for Voice Mail Services)                                                    YES
Talking Caller ID with 30 memories on corded base                                   YES

Answering Machine Features: 
New message indication                                                                                      YES
Incomming message recording time                                                                11 Mins
Announce only mode                                                                                            YES
Memo record and playback                                                                                 YES
pre-recorded OGM’s                                                                                              YES
Remote access operation                                                                                      YES
Programmable remote code                                                                                 YES
Call screening with breakthrough                                                                     NO
Date and time stamp                                                                                             YES
Audio message alert on handset                                                                        NO
Programmable ring delay with toll-saver mode                                            YES

Accessability Features: 
Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)                                                                         YES
Amplified Ringer                                                                                                    >90dB
Amplified Reciever                                                                                                 >30dB
Visual Ring Indication                                                                                         YES
PIP on number 5                                                                                                     YES
Large Buttons                                                                                                          YES
One Touch Memory Buttons                                                                                3
High Contrast Colour Scheme                                                                            YES

  1. Will the phone operate with no power?
  2. Only the corded base will opearte and will only operate as a standard phone.
    You will be able to make and receive calls but the additional functions will not
    work like the boost and there will be no display on the screen.
  3. My handset is showing "searching" on the display and I can’t make a call
  4. If searching displays then the handset has lost its registration to the main base
    unit the handset needs to be registered back to the base unit.
  5. How many numbers can be stored in direct memories M1, M2, M3
    A. You can only store one number in each memory.
  6. My handset is showing “unlock” on the screen
    A. The keypad has the lock activated to unlock the keypad. Press the menu button and then the hash # button and the HS will beep to confirm.
  7. How do I transfer a call from the main corded base to the cordless handsetA. A call can ONLY be transferred from the corded base to the handset
    While on a call press and hold the INT/page button for 4 seconds/ beep sounds  then release
    Press the required handset number on the base
    The handset will ring , then press the talk button on the handset
    Hang up the corded base the call is transferred to the cordless handsetQ. How to conference call , two internal and one external
    A.The same steps as 1 , 2 , 3
    Once the handset has answered the call
    Press the INT/page button for 2 seconds and all parties will be connectedQ.How do I Increase the ring delay to 9
    on the main base unit
    press the menu button
    answer machine – ok/menu
    scroll to Answer delay , ok/menu “ please set ring delay “
    then scroll to the required number of rings to confirm press  ok/menuQ.How to set a profile on the main base unit
    A. press menu
    scroll to Profile – ok/menu
    profile 1 – ok/menu
    name , ok/menu , enter in the required name  - ok/menu
    scroll down to volume – ok/menu , enter the required volume setting using the up / down arrow , ok/menu
    scroll down to Boost – ok/menu, press the up / down arrow to required setting , ok/menu
    scroll down to Equalizer – ok/menu, press the up/down arrow to required setting , ok/menu
    scroll to copy and you can the copy the details over the handset and they will be stored in the memory setting the profile on the handset
    press menu , scroll through to Profile , ok/phonebook button
    follow the steps as above
    when confirming a selection , a tick will show on the screen to confirm the selection press the phonebook buttonQ.How to register additional handset
    A. From the base unit
    Press and hold the page button down on the main base until the word “ register “ appears
    Then go to the handset
    Into the menu
    Scroll to handset – ok/menu
    Scroll to registration – ok/menu ,  register  - ok/menu
    Select base 1 – ok/menu
    PIN 0000 – ok/menu
    Press and hold page buttonQ. How to Activate the boost function
    A. The boost can be activated in to 2 ways
    The boost is on all the time –
    Go into to the menu on the main base or the handset
    Scroll to settings – ok/menu
    Scroll to Boost Mem  - ok/menu
    Scroll to ON – ok/ menuTo activate for each call that comes through
    Press and release the boost buttonThe ear icon will appear on the screen
    How to activate the loud speaker
    Once the call is connected to activate the
    Speaker , press the green talk button again
    And the speaker icon will come up on the screen

    Q.The answer machine won’t turn off
    A. The answer machine cannot be turned off all together
    It can be switched to answer only
    Which will not allow the caller to leave a message
    You need to press the button and put the answer machine to “ answer only ‘

    Q.Caller ID is flashing on the screen
    A. Caller ID is a set up from the service provider , when a call comes in it will register on the handsets
    To view the calls
    Press the CID /down arrow
    Number will come up on the screen
    Press the down arrow to scroll through the numbers
    Press the > arrow to view more details

    Q. How do I enter a number in the phonebook

    A. Press menu
    Scroll to phonebook press ok/menu twice
    Add new , ok/menu
    Enter in the required name , ok/menu
    Enter the number , ok/menu
    Enter the ring tone , ok/menu

    To view the phonebook entry
    Press the phonebook icon
    The number is announced
    Press the up/down arrow to scroll through the names

  8. How long is the answering machine recording time?
    A. The length of recording time is 11 minutes.

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