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Phonak DECT CPII Wireless Cordless Phone Venture Hearing Aids

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This hot selling DECT phone is one of the most popular in the Australasian market for Phonak Hearing Aid users.

Phonak DECT CPII cordless phone looks like a regular phone, but is actually much more powerful, transmitting sound to both your wireless Phonak hearing aids at the same time, reducing noise and maximizing understanding.

Only the Phonak Venture hearing aids can only be used with DECT II handset.

Phonak DECT CPII Wireless Cordless Phone includes a booster mode for those moments when not wearing hearing aids, and thanks to the wireless streaming, the user can hold the phone in a regular manner. This Phonak DECT CPII only works with the latest Phonak V range of hearing aids

Family members without a hearing loss can use the cordless phone just like a regular phone. Works straight out of the box, has a hands free option, a range of up to 300 metres line of sight, a phone book with up to 300 entries and many other features you would expect.

NB. The Phonak DECT CPII does not need to be paired to your Phonak hearing aids for it to work, it is compatible with Phonak Venture platform hearing aids, including Phonak Audeo V and Phonak Bolero V models. Petite models and CIC's will not be compatible with the DECT CPII.

Q: Which hearing aids can be used with DECT CPI or DECT II?

A:  Venture hearing aids can only be used with DECT II.  Spice and Quest hearing aids can only use DECT CPI.

Q: What is the DECT phone pairing code?

A: There is no pairing code required for the Phonak DECT cordless phones. They stream directly out of the box.

Q: How many DECT handsets can be connected to the base?

A: Up to six handsets can be connected to one base.

Q: What type of battery does the DECT cordless phone use?

A: The Phonak DECT cordless phones use a rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V, type: CE-MB206-5C-01, 1100 mAh.

Q: Can I easily demonstrate the DECT cordless phone to my clients?

A: You can easily demonstrate the Phonak DECT cordless phone by pressing and holding the green Boost key for 2 seconds in standby mode.

A demo message will play and is wirelessly transmitted to the hearing aids.

Use Venture hearing aids with DECT II and Spice/Quest hearing aids with DECT CPI.

Q: Can the DECT cordless phone be used in the office?

A: Yes and no. Any location will work, as long as there is an analog connection line available for the base. However customers have reported issues when plugging the Phonak DECT in to a PABX system's analogue port. Please contact us if you are not sure.

Q: Can the phone be used for people with no hearing loss?

A: Yes. On top there is a boost button to simply increase the volume at the click of a button if the hearing aid is not worn.

Q: What is the operating range of the DECT cordless phone?

A: From the base to the handset, the following distance applies:

Indoors: up to 50 m (160 ft)

Outdoors: up to 300 m (990 ft)

The range from handset to the hearing aids is 25 cm (10 ‘’)

Q: How long will the handset battery last?

A: Up to 240 hours standby time (approx. 10 days)

Up to 20 hours talk time.

Q: Can the handset be plugged in to a modem for internet calls?

A:  No, the handset has not been developed for this type of use, regardless of an analogue port within a modem for internet calls.