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Humantechnik Easy Connect Phone Amplifier

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The Humantechnik Phone Amplifier is simple to connect and increases your phones volume by up to 35dB.

This solution runs on batteries and simply connects between your telephone and receiver, and that’s it.

Please note: This works with corded telephones only. 

Humantechnik Easy Connect Phone Amplifier -

Inline amplifiers are connected between the receiver and the telephone set. Hereby your normal telephone is turned into a telephone
that comfortably compensates for light to medium hearing impairment

Simply connect the Phone Amplifier by Humantechnik between the receiver and the telephone, and your normal phone will turn into a telephone which compensates
for light-to-medium grade hearing impairments. The other person will come across loud and clear, just how you want it.

The PL-51 inline telephone amplifier at a glance:

Can be connected to all contemporary stationary telephones with a standard plug connection between the telephone and receiver
Compact, practical and also ideal for travels Amplification up to 35 dB Treble/bass control Battery-operated 3.5 mm jack socket audio output for connecting neckloops, binaural/monaural cables and headphones

Can be combined with other accessory systems, such as infrared, radio or room loop transmission systems
The additional amplification function is a convenient extra feature. While the button is kept pressed in, the PL-51 doubles the set volume.

– ideal while travelling

Amplifier Limitation:

N.B: This solution will not work with cordless / DECT phones as it needs to be connected between the receiver and the phone itself in order to work.