Bellman & Symfon Visit Smoke Alarm Deaf Hard of Hearing with 10 Year Lithium Battery

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Protect your home and family.

Brand new Australian Standard certified Bellman BE1287 Smoke Alarm complies with the following smoke alarm standard: AS3786

The smoke alarm from Bellman & Symfon is part of the Visit smart home system that helps you to keep tabs on your home. It discovers smoke and smouldering fire at an early stage and relays the alarm directly to your Visit receiver (not included)

Bellman & Symfon BE1287 Data Brochure

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Type Optical
Low battery alert Signals the receiver when batteries run low
Toast mode Suitable for use in areas with cooking fumes
Broadcast mode Transmits to all receivers within range

Safety and peace of mind

The Bellman Photoelectric Smoke Detector Transmitter is a smoke detection system that uses a device mounted to your ceiling to detect smoke or heat from fire.

An important component of your home alert system, the BE1287L Bellman Visit Smoke Detector Transmitter sends a signal to whichever Bellman Visit Receiver you are using in your home. For example, if you use a BE1443 Bellman Flash receiver, the light in the receiver would begin its flashing alarm to alert you of this situation. This visual cue immediately tells you that your smoke detector has been set off and you can act quickly to ensure your safety. A functioning smoke detector AND an effective alert system will provide you and your family with the peace of mind that you have the information you need to stay safe in your home.

If you are concerned about missing an alarm from your smoke detector during the night or while you are resting, the BE1287 Visit Smoke Alarm Transmitter is easily connected to the BE1380 Alarm Clock Receiver, as well as the BE1270 Bellman Visit Bed-shaker. These products will alert you with clear wake-up signals and let you know that your smoke alarm transmitter has been activated. Think of the restful sleep you can enjoy knowing you have taken these steps to keep yourself safe.

Personal alert system

The BE1287L Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm transmitter works with these other Bellman Visit products to provide you with trusted and convenient home security: BE1033 Bellman Visit Portable Receiver, BE1230 Bellman Pager Receiver, BE1270 Bellman Visit Bed-shaker, BE1443 Bellman Visit Flash Receiver, and the BE1380 Bellman Visit Alarm Clock Receiver.

Australian Standards Approved:

BE1287 complies with the following smoke alarm standard: AS3786


Claim your rebate

Subsidies are available in many Australian states to assist people who are hearing impaired to install quality smoke alarms.

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