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Bellman BE8054 Audio Maxi Pro TV Set Bundle

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Bellman & Symfon Audio Maxi Pro TV Set Bundle

The best of all three worlds?

Introducing Bellman's latest in hearing technology combining three products in one with their brand new ergonomic design and unique soft-grip materials.

Trouble Hearing The TV?

The Bellman Maxi Pro offers you the ultimate solution to listen to the TV at the volume of your choice, whilst your friends and family can enjoy their TV listening at their own level. This handy device is a simple plug and play and will allow families to enjoy TV time together without blasting the house down.

Mobile Phone Amplification

The Bellman Maxi Pro is Qualcomm® aptX™ LL powered connects directly to your Bluetooth enabled phone to provide clear low latency speech without distortion. Enjoy the ability to chat with friends and family without them having to repeat themselves

Speech Amplification

Now you can join in the conversation with ease. Simply place the Bellman Maxi Pro in front of the person you're communicating with and you will enjoy clarity in speech through your chosen Bellman listening accessory

Works with Hearing Aids

The Bellman Maxi Pro works with all Telecoil (T) enabled Hearing Aids. For this, please choose the Bellman Neckloop accessory. 


Amplification and a full range of tone/frequency settings powered to 135dB

Operating Time

The Bellman Maxi Pro can last up to 70 hours


Standard 12 months manufacturers warranty


Height: 140mm

Width: 45mm

Depth: 27mm

Weight: 127g

Please select which listening accessory best suits your individual needs.

What's in the box?

    • Maxi Pro - Three In One Personal Amplifier
    • Charging cable
    • Power adapter
    • Mains plug
    • User manual
    • Your chosen listening accessory

Difference between the Bellman Mino and Maxi Pro?

The main difference between the Bellman Mino and Maxi Pro are:

Bellman Mino

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery - directional microphone / omnidirectional - advanced software which provides better clarity/processing of sound / smaller in size.

The Bellman Mino also has a Telecoil Receiver perfect for areas that support Telecoil (where you can see the blue sign with the white ear)


Bellman Maxi Pro

The latest in Bellman audio technology, this new solution offers the best of all three worlds - Conversation, Mobile Phone/Music and TV through digital audio (when purchased as the Bellman Maxi Pro TV Set Bundle)

The Bellman Maxi Pro is the only one of the range which offers Bluetooth, Qualcomm and low latency

Li-on rechargeable battery

The Bellman Maxi Pro has the Bluetooth receiver for mobile phone calls and it does not have the telecoil receiver that the Bellman Mino has. You can however invest in the Bellman Neckloop to use Telecoil from the Bellman Max Pro to your Telecoil enabled Hearing Aids.

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