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Video Doorbells

Why A Video Doorbell?

Video Doorbells are becoming increasing popular. Home owners and businesses are choosing these solutions to enhance their security, reduce anxiety and feel more comfortable before opening the door.

How Do They Work?

A Video Doorbell is generally a wireless Doorbell with Camera affixed to the front of your door. When someone comes to your door you will be able to see and monitor them from the comfort of your up-to-date smartphone, tablet or a dedicated monitor that comes with the package.

Depending on the brand and model, the package may include hard or cloud based storage. Some companies charge for cloud storage per month.

What Do I  Need To Make Them Work?

You must have Wifi strong enough to allow for video streaming, so please ensure that you have enough bandwidth and also enough gigabytes to stream.

Most of these wireless Video Doorbells will run on your smartphone or tablet device. You must be able to download the App from the Video Doorbell brand on to your Smartphone, tablet or Smart TV devices to run the programme. 

Please not that 2 - 1 Laptops generally run Windows, so will not have this capability, even though the Laptop turns into a tablet.

Are There Any Limitations?

Right now, Video Doorbells are singular meaning that you cannot have more than one video available to see visitors from another angle.