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Em's For Bubs

Em’s for Bubs

They are one of the companies in Brisbane, Australia who produces “child friendly” hearing protection and they also uses high quality materials, eye catching patented designs and colours for any parent wanting to protect the little ears of their bubs from big noise.

They launched Em’s for Bubs after they have received requests for a baby-friendly form of hearing protection. They have developed and produced cutting edge, patented products for hearing protection that is designed perfectly for newborns and babies. They are certified by the American National Standards Institute and the European standard for ear protection.

This hearing protection aims to give quality hearing products for kids and baby as defenders for too much noise in their surroundings. They are built for hearing protection for little ears of our children.

Here are their popular products and is most purchased by their customers:

Em’s 4 Kids Ear Defenders – These are earmuffs that are light but sturdy when used. It can be folded up to fit in the palm of your hand that makes them easy to carry and store.

BLACK Em’s 4 Bubs Baby Ear Defenders – These baby ear defenders are used as an adjustable headband that helps hold the protective cups in place and prevents uneven pressure being placed on the sides of your baby’s head which is really different from the traditional ear defenders. These ear defenders are recommended for newborn to 18 months old and it is the world’s FIRST hearing protection ear defenders that are designed specifically for your babies’ little ears.

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