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Do you struggle to hear in difficult or noisy environments even with a hearing aid?

Conversor provides everything you need to ensure improved sound for the hard of hearing during classes, lectures or on guided tours.

With powerful and lightweight wireless microphones, individuals and groups with hearing difficulties can enjoy easier learning and a better experience. No matter how busy or crowded the environment, Conversor devices transmit clear sound, cutting through background noise and isolating key dialogue.

Connect wirelessly using your hearing aid through the telecoil or ‘T’ setting, or directly using one of our audio input cables and a suitable audio shoe. Get closer and hear well, without moving an inch.

Effective, portable assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired from Conversor. No need to adjust hearing aids or rearrange the seating plan. Just enjoy clearer sound and a better experience.

Experience learning at full volume with the use of Conversor.

The Conversor Pro helps you hear conversations and the TV more clearly when you are using your hearing aids. It consists of a microphone that amplifies sound and a neck loop that you wear. The microphone wirelessly sends the amplified sound to the neck loop and into your hearing aid.This device has stood the test of time. Many people have found it good, even very well.

The Conversor Pro is a quality and useful listening instrument. It is adaptable for several settings. It is light and easy to carry around and is simple to operate with few controls. I would recommend it for someone with a mild to moderate hearing loss who wants a simple and neat instrument without complicated controls. Within its price range it is good value for money.  More severe hearing loss however might be better served by a more powerful listener.

Face-to-face communication is BACK! Thanks to Notetalker from Conversor.

With Notetalker on your smartphone or tablet you can simply record the conversation, bookmark the text and even take photographs.

So whether you’re in a meeting, lecture, interview or conference, you get to be fully “in the moment”. And Notetalker takes care of everything else.

Get organised – with Notetalker Edit


  • Record on your smartphone or tablet
  • Unlimited bookmarks
  • Take photographs while recording
  • Save photographs and bookmarks with audio recording
  • Upload to Windows PC or Apple Mac to add or edit bookmarks
  • Add notes and pictures for a complete record of your lecture, meeting or tutorial
  • Save and print files for later study



Get organised – with Notetalker Edit.

Upload your recordings to Notetalker edit

A program for Windows and Apple Mac PCs and write your notes in the peace and quiet of your own office or study.



Playback the recordings, see the bookmarks you’ve made, navigate through the recording to make changes to bookmarks and images, and write your detailed notes with the help of the audio recording and pictures.

If you have PowerPoint slides you want to add to enhance the quality of your notes, these can be added to the screen at the appropriate place in the recording.

Add or delete images, enlarge and rotate images to bring back a visual memory of the event.



Save the file and print out for future reference.

Job done. Now you can relax.