Binaural Hearing Aid Holiday Giveaway

Holiday Giveaway* With Any
Hansaton Hearing Aids Purchased!

  • *From 5 Days / 4 Nights Hotel Stays Across Australia (Pacific / Asia Soon)
  • Only Valid Directly Through The Hear For Less Website
  • Binaural Hansaton Hearing Aids Through Our Tele-Audiology Method Only
  • Must Already Be A Self Funded Hearing Aid Wearer
  • Two Adults 21+ Years (Some Hotels / Resorts Allow Up To Two Children*)
  • *Taxes And Fee's Apply. Please Read Terms And Conditions For Full Detail

What Are The Benefits?

  • On average, the convenience of Tele-Audiology can save you around 3 hours of travelling time to appointments. (Click here to find out more)
  • Feel confident taking part in wonderful conversations in the bars and restaurants when you're out and about and on holiday.
  • Hear the amazing sounds of nature such as birds singing.
  • Call and brag to your loved ones back home about how much you're enjoying your well deserved holiday away.
  • And finally, treat yourself with the money you saved on your new Hearing Aids Purchased directly through Hear for Less!

Do You Meet These Requirements?

  • Are you a current self funded binaural hearing aid wearer?
  • Do you have a copy of your up-to-date AudioGram?
  • Are you open to wearing BTE's / RIC Hearing Aids?
  • You do not require any kind of custom ear moulds?
  • Do you have access to and knowledge of how to work a smartphone / tablet / laptop? (Yes, a loved one can assist) For Tele-Audiology purposes


Hurry, First 50 Customers Only

This is not a competition! First 50 customers to purchase, in full, any new pair of Hansaton Hearing Aids (binaural) directly through the Hear for Less website and complete our Tele-Audiology process will instantly win.

With Australia opening up it's state boarders, you can choose between some of the most idyllic holiday destinations across Australia and eventually overseas as well.

Why Do You Deserve The Break?

Hearing Aids can be expensive, especially at the higher end of the spectrum, so with our low low prices, this is your chance to head away, kick back, relax and take a well deserved break on us.

Enjoy the pure sound of hearing that you love with your new your new top of the range Hearing Aids

Choose from some of our luxury hotels and resorts such as The Hilton, The Crown Plaza, Rydges, Mantra and many more across Australia.

Can We Use This Voucher Overseas?

Yes, this voucher lasts for two years from the moment you register it. We're not sure when borders will open, however, when they do, you will be able to choose which resort you wish to holiday in.

By purchasing these goods to win an instant holiday you are hereby confirming that you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions as set out by our travels partners below.

  • Your holiday voucher, which lasts for two years once registered, will be sent to you after your 45 day trial has finished and your invoice finalised and paid in full.
  • Only valid with full price Hearing Aid purchases from Hear for Less
  • Minimum purchase of binaural (two) Hearing Aids