Sound n Dry Hearing Aid Dry Kit Storage Unit and Desiccant

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We proudly support local Australian businesses like Alkera Plus.

Sound n Dry is RECOMMENDED by Hearing Aid manufacturer WIDEX Australia Pty Ltd.

Protect your investment and store your hearing aids properly with this Sound n Dry Hearing Aid Dry Kit Storage Unit and Desiccant , wherever you may go.

“I have had hearing aids for 14 years but only started using Sound and Dry 18/24 months ago. I have since had the longest period of trouble free operation and I have no doubt I should have been using Sound and Dry all along as invariably when there was a problem with the aids it was usually moisture related.”

BT, Bathurst NSW

“I find the product extremely good. The ability to reuse makes the product economical. Good product!”

MT, Rochedale QLD

Sound-n-Dry® is a dry-aid kit used to remove moisture from hearing aids. Sound-n-Dry provides an efficient and very economical way to maintain hearing aids and save on expensive repairs from moisture damage. Moisture builds up during normal wearing conditions and can reduce the performance of hearing aids by damaging the delicate circuitry. It is simple to use and does not require a power source. This unit is also suitable for cochlear implant speech processors.

Sound-n-Dry® contains a desiccant that slowly draws out the moisture. The desiccant is non-toxic and safe to use. There is a slow colour change as the desiccant adsorbs moisture, changing from ‘honey’ then ‘light green’ through to colourless. When this happens it is time to replace or regenerate the desiccant. This can be done by placing the desiccant in a microwave or domestic oven, full instructions are enclosed with the unit. The desiccant used in Sound-n-Dry® is colour indicating and cobalt free and has a very high adsorption capacity. The adsorption capacity refers to how much moisture the desiccant can hold. The unit is simple and economical to use and does not require power to operate. The desiccant is enclosed in a woven sachet that allows moisture to pass through, do not open the sachet.

After three to four heating cycles the desiccant loses it’s capacity to efficiently draw out the moisture. When this happens it is time to replace the desiccant for best performance of the unit.  Replacement desiccant sachets are also available for purchase.

Caution: Never place hearing aids in the microwave or domestic oven.


Results of independant laboratory testing demonstrate the desiccant in Sound-n-Dry® has a superior adsorption capacity compared with other commercially available dry-aid kits.

Desiccants were sourced from Switzerland, USA, Germany and Australia. The following table summarises results of laboratory testing. All samples were pre-dried under standard conditions before testing.

Sound-n-Dry is sample number 8 with around twice as much efficiency as the nearest competitor. (test chart image included above)

Sound-n-Dry® is a dry-aid kit for hearing aids and is also suitable for cochlear implant speech processors. The unit includes a desiccant that slowly ‘draws out’ moisture from hearing aids. All you need to do is store your hearing aids in the unit when they are not being worn, such as overnight. Moisture build up can affect the delicate circuitry of hearing aids, limiting their performance and reducing battery life. The desiccant in Sound-n-Dry® can be regenerated in a microwave or domestic oven, making it very economical to use. The unit does not require power to operate.

This moisture results from normal wearing conditions, particularly in hot humid climates, after exercising, or even if you get caught in the rain. Great for use as part of regular hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. Sound-n-Dry® is also effective in drying out wax that may have accumulated in the ear mould, making this easier to remove. The product is manufactured by Alkera Plus a proudly Australian Business.

So, what do I get?

1 x 300g drying jar

1 x desiccant sachet

1 x sponge

1 x record card to track your desiccant

1 x instruction booklet

1 x desiccant colour mapping chart

**Lots of love knowing that you’re supporting a local Australian business**

Warning: Even though the desiccant is non-toxic we recommend keeping these out of reach of children and disposing of them sensibly. If you fear that the sachet has been opened and swallowed, call 000 immediately (Australia only)

Reviews are accredited directly from the Sound n Dry, Alkera Plus website.

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