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October 14, 2022 2 min read

Phonak is one of the leading suppliers of hearing aids, accessories, and speakers in the industry. With affordable and stylish hearing solutions, their aim is to give customers the freedom to live their life how they please - without being held back by hearing loss. 

Here at Hear For Less, we get asked many questions about the products we sell and the popular brands we supply. 

Today we’ll be focusing on Phonak, teaching you all there is to know about their innovative range of hearing devices. 


Who are Phonak?

Phonak is a unique and modern provider of hearing aids and accessories. Designed with the user in mind, their range is comfortable to wear, easy to use and most importantly, cost-effective. 


What Phonak products are available?

We’re proud to say that Hear For Less supplies a wide variety of Phonak products and accessories to make life that little bit easier. 

We’ll start off with a bang. 

Phonak hearing aids are known for their unique design that sits comfortably on the ear while making lost sounds audible again. The most unique feature is that they can be connected to smartphones, TVs and more to really keep you connected. 

When you decide to invest in a Phonak hearing aid, it’s important you keep them clean. This limits bacteria build-up and prevents infections from appearing. The Phonak cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your Phonak hearing aids in mint condition at all times - no need to worry about costly repairs. 

They also have a variety of accessories to give you access to the wider world. Connect your Phonak hearing aids to the supporting Phonak wireless, cordless phone to make keeping in touch with loved ones as easy as possible. To stay up to date with your favourite shows and movies, say hello to the Phonak ComPilot- a device that hooks up to your TV quickly for up to 8 hours of streaming. 


How do I purchase Phonak hearing aids?

At Hear For Less of course! 

All you need to do is browse our range of Phonak hearing aids and accessories. When you’ve decided on the one for you, simply add it to your basket, and follow the checkout instructions. 

We always aim to get our hearing devices to our customers as quickly as possible, so keep an eye on your emails for delivery updates. 


Get your Phonak hearing aids today 

Hear For Less is here for all of your hearing needs. 

With bargain prices, a range to suit every need, and a friendly team to talk to, what more could you want?

Each product comes with some information below to make your shopping experience that little bit easier, but, if you have some further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 

You can call us on 1800 432 736 or email us if you prefer, just send your questions to save@hearforless.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.