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September 02, 2020 5 min read

How does NDIS work?

NDIS is a relatively new scheme, so you will be forgiven for asking what does NDIS stand for? It stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which was legislated by the Australian Government in 2013 but only went into full operation in 2016.

Now the scheme has had time to settle in, we at Hear For Less, an official NDIS registered provider, are on hand to help you understand what you are eligible for and what benefits we offer if you qualify for this scheme.

NDIS was introduced as a way of giving Australian citizens that have a disability a way of being able to access the same healthcare assistance as anyone else. This allows for all Australians to be on a level par with each other whether they have a disability or not, compensating for the additional costs that occur when providing care for someone with a disability.

Healthcare is arguably the most crucial aspect of human life, ensuring that the body is in its best possible condition. This often becomes a huge part of a disabled person’s life, with certain permanent adjustments having to be made to ensure they have a better quality of life on a day to day basis. This scheme allows this to be the case, so an easier life is more attainable than ever, regardless of whether you have a disability or not. It was created to ensure a fairer life for all.

How much does NDIS pay?

Everyone who participates on the NDIS scheme has a dedicated set of funds, for their “plan”. This gives them access to pay for activities that are pre-approved by all parties, this could include therapy. An NDIS plan can be managed by the participant themselves, as long as they keep a record of their purchases in case they are subject to an audit in the future. There could also be a nominated person that manages the plan on the participant’s behalf, or a registered plan management provider.

Everyone who participates on the NDIS scheme will work with their Local Area Coordinator (LAC) and possibly an Occupational Therapist (OT) to determine what solutions will be required for the NDIS participant to ‘lead a normal life’. Once determined, a suitable budget is requested to cover the agreed solutions needed and a budget is formed. Therefore, as each NDIS participant has a unique set of circumstances and varying requirements there is no set amount that the NDIS can pay out.

There are various support budgets within your NDIS plan for which your funds will be distributed. These are generally Core, Consumable, Assistive Technology (AT), Daily Activities and so on. Core support budget is the most flexible, allowing you the opportunity to use this budget across a wider range of solutions.

How does the payment work?

Essentially there are three ways NDIS Participants budgets and accounts are managed:

Self Managed – This option gives you full control to seek the solutions you require. You pay for all solutions up front and process your claim directly from the NDIS. To claim back your funds you will need to obtain a full itemised receipt which includes your NDIS details.

Plan Managed - A Plan Manager assists you with your requirements and finding the best solution to help you achieve your daily goals, they pay the supplier and claim directly through the NDIS portal

Agency Managed – The supplier assists you and then claims funds from your budget directly through the NDIS portal

This value can range depending on several factor, which vary around the level of support the individual receives on a day to day basis.

Whichever level of support you are given by the NDIS, we can assure you that at Hear For Less we have a range of NDIS approved products that can give you the solution you’re looking for. Whether you are self-managed, plan managed, or agency managed, we can be of assistance. Hear for Less works with a wide range of specialists who have been instrumental to providing excellence in understanding your situation and guiding you through the process efficiently. To learn more about NDIS be sure to visit our NDIS provider dedicated page.

How Hear For Less can help NDIS participants

Here at Hear For Less, we are committed to assisting those who can benefit from the NDIS scheme, so you can receive as much help as possible when you deserve it. This is why we use our extensive knowledge of the scheme to ensure that we can give you all the assistance you need if you require it.

We also understand that if you are an NDISparticipant, you are in need of a little extra help to achieve a level of hearing that helps you live your life in a convenient way. As a result, we have truly backed this government scheme and are happy to announce that we have a number of benefits that we offer to ensure you receive the equipment you need.

We have saw great customer satisfaction with our help towards people benefitting from the NDIS schemeso far, and we will continue to provide you with the aid you need to find the perfect products for your specific needs.

As part of your NDIS plan, we will gladly assist you on what hearing aid accessories you may need to support your client. You can benefit from great products as part of your plan. These include:

Seniors mobile phones –our mobile phones for seniors are perfect for people who require an easy to navigate interface and require hearing assistance. Our mobile phones are perfect for younger people as well as seniors.

Alerts and doorbells –we provide many of these hard of hearing alerts and doorbells to NDIS participants. This allows them to know when an alert has taken place even if they cannot hear it.

Hearing devices and accessories –Hear For Less give you benefits of the best hearing accessories on the market, for any extras to improve your level of hearing.

Amplified home phones– our amplified home phones are immensely popular, giving people the same experience with a standard house phone but with a more calibrated speaker.

By reaching out to Hear For Less, we can give you the support that is on offer in the best possible way. With complex government schemes, there are usually points that are looked over due to how they are worded or how dense they may be. Our expert knowledge in the area means we can give you the best level of assistance, meaning you can benefit from this scheme in the most convenient way possible.

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