Humantechnik are a highly reputable German manufacturer of devices designed to help those with hearing loss. Established for over 25 years they have developed a very popular portfolio of products ranging from TV listeners (amplified wireless headphones) and phones for the home. Each model is designed with style and functionality in mind and with a well earned reputation for reliability; you can be sure that ordering a Humantechnik product means ordering quality.

Their quality products are:

  • Humantechnik Introson Wireless Digital TV Listener
  • Humantechnik FreeTEL III DECT Bluetooth Amplified Cordless Telephone
  • Humantechnik Introson Neck Loop Digital TV Listener
  • Humantechnik FreeTEL III DECT Extra Handset

Turn the TV sound up? Turn the TV sound down? No more need for discussions! With your cordless TV/audio system from Humantechnik, you can simply choose how loud you want the sound to be, irrespective of the TV setting. You get to hear your favorite programs just how you like. It won’t disturb anyone else because only you will hear the volume that you have selected – close to your ear, via an under-the-chin receiver or directly using your hearing aids.

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