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  • Our Hear for Less® endorsed hearing practitioner will let you know if you are a good candidate for hearing aids or not
  • Your chosen Hear for Less® endorsed hearing practitioner will custom fit your new hearing aids allowing for both comfort and quality of sound.
  • Two weeks after your hearing aids have been fitted there is a re-tuning appointment. This is where our Hear for Less® endorsed clinician can ensure the best hearing from your investment.


  • We have a range of affiliate Hear for Less® endorsed hearing practitioners in different locations for you to choose from.
  • Once chosen we will pass your contact details on to arrange your assessment by a qualified Hear for Less® endorsed hearing practitioner


The world has much to offer, with your new hearing aids you will now have the best chance to enjoy all the sounds you love.

Here’s what is included from your Hear for Less® hearing practitioner

  • Brand new hearing aid(s)

  • up to 45 Day’s “no worries” money back guarantee

  • Fitting of your hearing aids and programming appointment*

  • Follow-up retuning appointment – 2 weeks later

  • Up to 12 months after care service*

Hear for Less® stands for quality and professional service. That is why we have taken the time to carefully select from the top independent hearing clinics throughout Australia. All Hear for Less® endorsed hearing clinics are committed to provide the best patient-centred care available.

You can view all of our Hear for Less® endorsed clinics through our intelligent interactive map. To find a clinic close to you, simply type in your postcode. Directions to your closest clinic can also be found in our map.

Hear for Less® is a 100% independent privately owned Australian company who has no operational control or preference with our affiliate hearing clinics.

Can’t find a Hear for Less® endorsed clinic in your local area? Then please get in touch, chances are we might already be in touch with a local clinic who can help you.

*Valid with participating clinics - some clinics may charge fee's upfront to cover their professional services.