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Widex Beyond 330 Fusion 2 RIC Hearing Aid

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Widex, a privately-owned company established in 1956, is one of the world’s largest leading Hearing Aid manufacturers based out of Denmark. With their determination to benefit listeners’ hearing experience, Widex creates readily available Hearing Aids that focus on the amplification of soft speech sounds and improving clarity within noisy or quiet environments. Hearing Aids from Widex are sold and recognised in over 100 countries globally.

A world’s first in sustainability

Widex’s headquarters was recently built on the “green site” we know today as Allerød Municipality. Widex takes their innovation and design seriously, and this starts from the ground up. The most notable is their on-site windmill, which produces more power annually than Widex uses. Natural energy sources such as groundwater for heating and cooling are used by Widex to reduce any detrimental effects on the environment. Currently, Widex is the only Hearing Aid manufacturer in the world to run a 100% CO2 neutral headquarters.

Working closely with international audiological researchers and specialists, Widex has successfully created a wide variety of Hearing Aids including the first in-the-ear digital Hearing Aid, produced back in 1995. In 1990, Widex created CAMISHA (Computer Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids), that also makes earmoulds and ear-pieces with their award-winning 3D laser technology.

Widex are proud to introduce their latest in technological advances: BEYONDTM Hearing Aids (BHA). The firmware in these new Hearing Aids can easily be updated by the user - which is done via an iPhone App. Coupled with Widex inherent sound quality, mixed with the low energy Bluetooth, means users can experience the best sound quality available to them.

A recurrent issue that exists with Hearing Aid usage is the requirement for frequent battery changes, which can become expensive. Widex’s goal was to make BHA specifically for the demands of connectivity such that it consumes less power than similar Hearing Aids available in today’s marketplace. In addition, with TRI-LINK™ technology the possibilities are endless. BHA is able to connect to iPhones, telecoils, televisions and the DEX range of communication and listening solutions, so listeners are able to stay hearing connected whatever their lifestyle.

Moreover, BHA has a customisable app with quick and easy navigation to allow full user control over the listening environment resulting in better connectivity and easier communication. Sounds are optimised based on specific environments and wind noise annoyance can be reduced to enhance speech understanding within challenging listening conditions. BHA is incredibly advantageous for those who wish for a more advanced, natural sound and connected hearing for less power and brilliant sound.

Not only will you save $2,400.00 for a pair of Widex Beyond330 Fusion 2 RIC Hearing Aids however your repayments could be from $25.00 per week*. Click here to find out more.

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