VibraLITE Mini Vibrating Watch, Blue

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NEW SMALL VibraLITE “Mini” The smallest, high quality, user friendly Vibration Alarm Watch available. Vibration, Audible or Both securely set in an Option Mode. Lock out Feature prevents tampering with settings. Available in four colours.

Fits Approx. Wrist Sizes: 14 – 18cm

VibraLITE Model Comparison Chart

Vibration, Audible or Both
Set easily in Option Mode.

Text on display prompts you.

Button Alert feature will confirm your setting quickly.

12 Daily Alarm Settings Preset for variable reminders.
Examples: Medical Conditions –Incontinence, ADD/ADHD, Diabetes, Back Pain, Memory Impairment. Medication Compliance Daily Living Skills -Time Management, Appointments, Behavior Modification.

Wake Up Alarm at home or away.
20 second duration alarm with auto off or can be turned off by pushing any button.

Countdown Timer with Auto Repeat

Counts down in hours, minutes and seconds – up to 23 hours and 59 minutes, 59 seconds
For ongoing preset interval timing, automatically repeats each time countdown reaches zero when set for repeat. Examples: Timed interval voiding (every 2 hours) Keeping on track (every 15 minutes) Position changes (every 20 minutes) Performing a task (every hour) Keeping on Schedule (every 50 minutes) Timing for Soccer Referees, cooking, parking meters, naps, writing tests. 20 second alarm duration with auto off (or alarm can be turned off by pushing any button)

Quick reset feature returns countdown to original preset time if interruption needed.

prevents children or elderly from tampering with the preset alarms and countdown time.

on the display make setting and confirmation of settings easy.


EL Back Light Stays on while any button is being pushed making it easier to set in the dark

One Year Warranty

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