Noizezz Turquoise Swim Ear Plugs

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The NoizezzSwim earplugs are specially designed for swimming.

The perfect fit of the Noizezz swim earplugs, they help prevent swimmer’s ear.

The swim earplugs are hypoallergenic and float.

Noizezz - European technology developing some of the worlds finest and comfortable Hearing Protection solutions since 1976.

This range of Anti-Allergic Ear Plugs are specifically designed for swimming, are easy to use and because they do not protrude the outer ear, they remain safe and effective.

These are perfect if you are sensitive for ear infections after swimming. Their perfect shape helps to prevent discomfort during and after swimming sessions.

These Ear Plugs will also float when in contact with water.

So, what's in the blister pack?

- 4 x 2 sets of Ear Plugs for a more comfortable fit. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Choose the size that best suits your individual needs.

- 1 x handy Ear Plugs tin to keep your ear plugs away from dust and dirt.

- Comprehensive Instruction booklet

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