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You are Purchasing 1 x easy Plug and play one size fits all Noizezz 33dB Hearing Protection for your ears.

2016 Formula 1 cars will be 14% louder, which means that you could be at a greater risk of hearing loss with using some form of hearing protection. These are 1 x set of ear plus, in a one size fits all fashion.

“A fantastic way to trial the Noizezz 33dB was during the latest Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne. Even with the reduction of engine size to 1.6-litre turbocharged V6, not using ear plugs left me feeling a little unsettled.

Once I had properly fit the Noizezz 33dB ear plugs the whole day changed. Not only was I able to still enjoy the roaring sounds as each car flew passed, I was able to hear the live commentary, understand and speak with people around me. The technology Noizezz has created is simply amazing.”            Robert Henry, CEO & Founder Hear for Less

These soft, comfortable and one size fits all ear plugs are easy to use over and over again and come with a handy carry tin to protect them.

The Noizezz Red range is our extreme filter with an attenuation of up to 33dB and help to reduce noisy environments down to a more practical level.

These ear plugs are not designed to completely block out all noises, however reduce noise levels down to an audible level by up to 33dB. All ear plugs must be fitted in line with the manufacturer guidelines to achieve hearing protection.

Instructions on how to use these ear plugs come each tin purchased.

In the unlikely event you misplace the fitting instructions, please contact us directly before fitting and using the ear plugs.


Noizezz - European technology developing some of the world’s finest and comfortable Hearing Protection solutions since 1976.

Unlike most other ear plugs, Noizezz has designed a unique filter that will keep speech intelligible and essential warning signals audible. You will also receive a made to measure fit.

These Hearing Protection solutions are easy to use and because they do not protrude the outer ear, they remain safe and effective. You do not get that sealed-off feeling in your ears like many other Ear Plugs.

So, what's in your consignment?

- 1 x set of Noizezz easy plug and play Ear Plugs to ensure a comfortable fit. These ear plugs already have the red filter installed and are ready to go, but we always double check to ensure they are included before sending.

- 1 x handy Ear Plugs tin to keep your ear plugs away from dust and dirt.

- Fitting Instruction booklet

We live in a world where sound is all around us all the time and we get used to it quickly. Even when the sound level around you is very high. Just think of the factory floor or visiting a dance party or concert... The intensity of sound is expressed in dB. Exposure to a sound level of 80 dB during an 8-hour period is commonly regarded as the safety limit. Exposure to sounds above 80 dB can lead to hearing impairment.

During a concert, there is an average sound level of 90-130 dB. This is when you should know that wearing some kind of hearing protection is necessary. As a general rule you could say that sound can have adverse effects on your hearing when you are at an arm's length away from a sound source and you have to shout to make yourself understood.

Introducing the Noizezz hearing protection range:

Extreme 33dB Universal Protection:

The Noizezz Red is our extreme filter with an attenuation of up to 33 dB. This Noizezz can be used to protect the ears against the loud noise associated with heavy industry, construction work and fireworks.

Packaging:  We carefully package your products to ensure they remain fresh and are protected against harsh weather conditions both domestically and internationally.

Please note: These ear plugs come in a one sized fits all and are designed to offer a snug fit. If you have extra small or large ear canals then these ear plugs may not be suitable for you. We advise caution when inserting these ear plugs, that they are fitted in line with the instructions provided. These ear plugs also protrude from the ear canals , so please test inserting and extracting these ear plugs before commencing with your chosen activity, and be careful not to bump them in your ears. Ear plugs are not considered defective if they do not fit you correctly. No refunds will be provided due to health concerns.

Warning: Due to the size of these ear plugs we recommend keeping these out of reach of children to avoid a choking hazard.

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