NOIZEZZ Comfort Ear Plugs Travel Swimming Sleeping + Tin S, M, L and XL

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Noizezz, a Dutch company, has
been the specialist in developing aids for the hearing impaired for years. Since as early as 1976, their lab has occupied itself with manufacturing ear pieces for hearing aids and hearing protectors. In 2007 Noizezz BV started to develop the Noizezz line of earplugs because the existing earplugs did not meet the demands of the market. Mid 2009 the custom-made Noizezz were introduced to the market. In late 2009 the Noizezz line was expanded with the universal Noizezz

Introducing the comfort range:


Many people suffer from insomnia and this may cause a lack of
concentration during the daytime. Noizezz sleeping / night-time earplugs are designed to give you a pleasant nights sleep. Due to the perfect shape the earplugs are very comfortable to wear and they prevent pressures in the ear
when resting your head on the pillow. The sleeping earplugs are also hypoallergenic.


Do you
experience pain in your ears while flying?
Noizezz flight earplugs are specially designed to give you peace during
your flight. Due to the perfect shape, the earplugs are very comfortable to
wear. The flight earplugs also compensate against cabin pressure during takeoff and landing.


Are you sensitive for ear infection after swimming? Noizezz swim earplugs are specially designed for swimmers. The perfect shape helps prevent discomfort during and after a swimming session. The swimming earplugs are hypoallergenic and float when in contact with water.

What’s in the packet?All Noizezz products come in a blister pack containing 4 different size sets of comfort ear plugs S, M, L and XL. There is also a handy Noizezz tin to keep your earplugs stored safely.

Packaging:  We carefully package your products to ensure they remain fresh and are protected against harsh weather
conditions both domestically and internationally.

Please note: These ear plugs come in various sizes and are designed to offer a snug fit. If you have extra large ear canals then these earplugs may not be suitable for you. We advise caution when inserting these earplugs, that they are fitted in line with the instructions provided. These ear plugs also have a small tab, so please test inserting and extracting these earplugs before commencing with your chosen activity. Ear plugs are not considered defective if they do not fit you correctly. No refunds will be provided due to health and safety concerns. 




     WARNING: Noizezz
comfort earplugs are very small. We advise that you must keep these in a stored location that cannot be accessed by children. Please seek urgent medical advice if you believe a child has accidentally swallowed an earplug.





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