Hansaton soundHD S312 Comfort RIC Hearing Aid

  • 12 Channels
  • AutoSurround HD 5
    • Speech in quiet environment
    • Speech with ambient noise
    • Speech in large-group setting
    • Quiet environment
    • Noisy environment
  • Manual Music Select
  • IP57 Certified
  • Integrated Telecoil

sound HD S312 is a classic RIC solution with modern housing design, push button and state-of-the art technology by HANSATON

sound RIC hearing systems are plasma-coated and IP57-certified. This means they are particularly robust against external influences such as dirt and water.

Important functions at a glance:

  • SpeechBeam+: For 360° speech recognition. (not available at this level)
  • AutoSurround : Optimum sound and clear speech in every situation.
  • SurroundOptimizer : Optimizes speech recognition and hearing comfort.
  • Acclimatization Manager: For a comfortable adjustment.
  • BiLink: Intelligent binaural synchronization.
  • BiPhone: Stereo hearing with both hearing systems when telephoning.
  • Frequency compression: Transfer of signals from the inaudible to the audible range.
  • Direct sound management: Reliable maintenance of sound quality with open feeds.
  • Tinnitus system: Integrated tinnitus function for a system provision for tinnitus patients.

Hearing Aids by Hansaton:

HANSATON is a global Hearing Aid manufacturer based out of Hamburg, Germany, established in 1957. With over 60 years of experience in the Hearing Aid industry, Hansaton aims to address all types and degrees of hearing loss. Their dedication is to provide ‘tailored’ services to each patient's individual needs through hearing systems and assistive devices, working towards the improvement of their quality of life. With their engineering knowledge and understanding of design, HANSATON, its partners, and audiologists continually develop innovative solutions to support patients with a more comfortable and desirable hearing experience.

HANSATON develops and offers a full range of solutions from basic to premium Hearing Aids and focuses on enhancing communication in adverse conditions. Their AutoSurround function plays a key role by filtering out any external ambient sounds which is important, particularly when background noises can become exceptionally distracting. This function can be utilised to increase the clarity and loudness of sound from every direction so that listeners can automatically localise those sounds, which is highly beneficial for speech intelligibility. Voice and sound can be adjusted by the AutoSurround system to accommodate the individual hearing needs of the listener. Different programs on the system enable listeners to make fine adjustments toward a more suitable noise manager for a clearer perception of sound (e.g. for music and wind). Other alternatives such as the new soundHD system and the jamHD are available in small sizes (0-2mm) for patients that prefer a smaller or more “invisible” in-the-ear-canal option.

HANSATON is determined to continue providing hard-of-hearing listeners with a better experience of the world with innovative technology, suitable for all environments, tailored in accordance to the needs of each individual patient. With better hearing assistive technology designs that offer the comfort and amplification of vital sounds required for speech intelligibility, HANSATON intends to drive the possibilities by reducing communication barriers for a patient’s ability to build rapport with others.

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