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Hansaton Sound XC 3 Hearing Aid

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What Level Hearing Aid Is This?

Level 3 – Economy Class Excite Hearing Aid Introducing the new Excite Chip from Hansaton with 8 channels

What Are The New Exciting Features and Benefits?

FocusedFit: Effective fitting designed to assist you to reach your hearing goal faster

Intelligent Acclimatisation: Automatically adjusts to suit your experienced level of hearing right from when you first start wearing them.

SDS 4.0 (Receiver and Domes): For comfort and to provide optimum sound

Stream Remote App: Enjoy handsfree from any Android or Apple smartphone. Binaural Music streaming, video chat and voice calls are now made easier

Bluetooth: Version 4.2


  • SurroundSupervisor XC


  • Noise
  • Conversations in quiet
  • AutoSurround XC 6 
  • AutoStream XC (SpeechStream, MusicStream)

What Size Battery Does This Hearing Aid Model Take?

The Sound XC 3-R312 takes the Hearing Aid Battery Size 312, colour-coded brown.

What Does Hansaton Do?

HANSATON is determined to continue providing hard-of-hearing listeners with a better experience of the world with innovative technology, suitable for all environments, tailored in accordance to the needs of each individual patient. With better hearing assistive technology designs that offer the comfort and amplification of vital sounds required for speech intelligibility, HANSATON intends to drive the possibilities by reducing communication barriers for a patient’s ability to build rapport with others.

Who Is Hansaton?

HANSATON is a global Hearing Aid manufacturer based out of Hamburg, Germany, established in 1957. With over 60 years of experience in the Hearing Aid industry, Hansaton aims to address all types and degrees of hearing loss. Hansaton has been part of global Hearing Aid manufacturing giants Sonova since 2015. Their dedication is to provide ‘tailored’ services to each patient's individual needs through hearing systems and assistive devices, working towards the improvement of their quality of life. With their engineering knowledge and understanding of design, HANSATON, its partners, and audiologists continually develop innovative solutions to support patients with a more comfortable and desirable hearing experience.