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Unitron is a corporation that manufactures and distributes high-quality hearing devices all over the world. The company makes hearing aids suited to accommodate all hearing losses. Additionally, the company produces a hearing device to suit just about any budget.

They produce top-of-the-line, advanced hearing devices, all the way down to basic, affordable hearing devices that deliver phenomenal performance. The company even produces hearing devices designed for children, as the company knows that hearing plays a critical role in the development of children as they grow.

With Unitron’s variety of hearing aids, advanced technology, and convenient accessories, consumers with any style preference, or any hearing loss, can find a hearing device that is right for them.

One of Unitron’s core values is caring deeply. The company cares deeply about making its advanced hearing loss solutions available that helps to improve people’s lives. They’re involved in many philanthropic initiatives. One of their programs is sponsoring Can Do canines, which is a nonprofit that gives free assistance dogs to people who are deaf of severely hard of hearing. Unitron also donates behind-the-ear hearing aids and ear molds to Lions Infant Hearing Aid Loaner Bank, which is a program that supports children and infants who are newly diagnosed with hearing loss. Finally, Unitron has a scholarship program that awards a $1,500 scholarship to a Unitron hearing aid wearer so he or she can do well in school.

  • AntiShock™: This was the first technology on the market that could identify and instantaneously control sudden impulse noises without distorting environmental sounds or speech.
  • SmartFocus™: It is the first clinically proven advancement since directional microphones that allows people to better hear speech in noisy surroundings. Its importance lies in the fact that the No. 1 concern of people using hearing aids is that they have difficulty hearing speech with background noise.
  • Smart Alert™: This technology is the first fully integrated household alerting system that works with hearing aids.
  • Era platform: This 65-nanometer chip technology provides double the processing speed, memory and capacity than other devices on the market while still offering high-fidelity sound.

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