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Bellman BE9250 Mobile Phone Sensor

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Bellman & Symfon Mobile Phone Sensor

The Mobile phone sensor is activated when a mobile phone or tablet screen lights up, for example from an incoming call or message. Place it on top of the mobile device screen and connect it to the Visit system to be alerted with flashes or vibrations when someone is trying to reach you.

N.B: This product is not stand-alone and requires other Bellman Visit Range solutions in order to work and alert the user. More details on those solutions required, below.

Mobile Phone Sensor Data Sheet                  Mobile Phone Sensor User Guide

Not being stand alone means that this solution must be plugged into another Bellman solution in order to work

Hear your phone through walls

Modern technology has redefined the way we communicate. Nowadays we use mobile phones and tablets to keep in touch with family and friends. Through e-mail and social media, like Facebook, we can stay updated on recent events, and we can even talk face-to-face over long distances.

With all these devices and information at our fingertips, it’s not always easy to keep track of everything. And nowadays, you would have to carry around both the mobile phone, the tablet and the landline phone, just to be sure not to miss out.

Now we introduce the Mobile phone sensor that works with your smartphone or tablet to compatible Bellman Visit Devices. It will tell you when someone is trying to get a hold of you, even if you are in another room or if you have trouble hearing the ring signal.

So How Does The Bellman Mobile Sensor Work?

Here is how it works, the bellman Mobile Phone Sensor sits on top of the mobile phone device. When a text / phone call is received, the phone lights up which activates the sensor. 

The Mobile phone sensor must be connected to the Bellman Pro or Visit Alarm Clock or be connected to the Bellman Visit Alerting System using the BE1431 Multi Purpose Transmitter in order to alert you by sound, vibration or bright lights (the receivers of your choice)