Oricom PRO610-1 Amplified Digital Cordless Phone

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If you or a loved one is hard of hearing then this is the cordless phone you have been waiting for.  This model is only can only be sold via leading experts within the Hearing Industry.

PRO610-1 Spec Sheet

Never before has a range of DECT cordless phones, offered as much as the Oricom Professional series. This range will deliver greater amplification, clarity, features and ease of use than ever before. Each product has been designed to maximize the user’s ability to HEAR and SEE the phone ring, enhancing their ability to communicate comfortably with family, friends and colleagues.

Talking voice menu function on cordless handset
Guides user through setup - ideal for persons with low vision.

One Touch Earpiece Volume Boost Button
Making calls louder and easier to understand

Loud Ringer
Never miss a call with extra loud ringers on handset and base up to 90 dB spl with 5 volume levels.

3 Direct Memories
Store your 3 most frequently dialled numbers for one touch redial.

Hearing Aid Compatible
The phone contains an inbuilt inductive coupler which offers Hearing Aid users clearer sound. Simply switch your hearing aid to the “T” setting to use this function.

Two user profiles for receiver equalizer and amplification
Two user profiles can be programmed to control earpiece receiver equaliser and amplification.

Amplified Receiver
Allows you to adjust the volume in the earpiece to a higher level for comfortable listening.

Visual Ring Indicator
Ultra bright white strobe lights on the handset and base to visually signal incoming calls.

One touch hands-free freedom when making or receiving a call.

High contrast backlit display
High contrast backlit display with enlarged easy to read characters.

Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic design coupled with large well spaced out and tactile buttons provide for comfort and ease of use.

50 Name & Number Phone Book
The simple to use phonebook stores 50 names and numbers for quick dial out.


Technical Specification:                                                                                Pro610-1
Technology                                                                                                                DECT
Number of handsets Supplied                                                                               1
Maximum number of Handsets                                                                           5
Additional Handsets Available individually                                                    YES
Display Type                                                                                                              Dot Matrix
Backlit LCD                                                                                                               Green
Headset jack                                                                                                              YES
Multiple language support                                                                                    YES
Battery Type and Quantity (per handset)                                                          3 x AAA NiMH
Auto standby power saving mode                                                                        NO
Detachable belt clip                                                                                                 YES
Backlit Keypad                                                                                                          NO
Wall Mountable                                                                                                       NO
Number of direct memories                                                                                   3
Speaker Phone on Handset                                                                                  YES
Speaker Phone on Base                                                                                          NO
Keypad on Base                                                                                                        NO
Corded Handset on Base                                                                                       NO
Talking caller ID                                                                                                     YES
Talking voice menu function on cordless handset                                         YES
Phonebook                                                                                                                 50 Names and Number
Last Number redial (Number of memories)                                                      10
Mute function                                                                                                           YES
Recall function                                                                                                         YES
External/Internal call transfer between handsets                                         YES
3-way conference (2 internal 1 external)                                                          YES
Intercom between handsets                                                                                  YES
Adjustable Ring volume control on handset                                                    YES
Adjustable Ring volume control on base                                                           N/A
Ring melodies selection on handset                                                                   YES
Ring melodies selection on base                                                                         N/A
Handset key lock                                                                                                     YES
Phonebook lookup                                                                                                  YES
Call log                                                                                                                       YES
New call indication                                                                                                YES
VMWI indication (for Voice Mail Services)                                                    YES
Talking Caller ID with 30 memories on corded base                                   YES
Accessability Features: 

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)                                                                         YES
Amplified Ringer                                                                                                    >90dB
Amplified Reciever                                                                                                 >30dB
Visual Ring Indication                                                                                         YES
PIP on number 5                                                                                                     YES
Large Buttons                                                                                                          YES
One Touch Memory Buttons                                                                                NO
High Contrast Colour Scheme                                                                            YES

Q. Can I add more handsets to my system?
A. You can have up to 5 handsets registered to one base. To purchase additional handsets contact Oricom Customer Support.
Q. The talk and standby time on my handsets has reduced, what is wrong?
A. With use the battery life will reduce. How quickly that happens depends on how the batteries are used and charged. If after a full charge of 14 hours you only get a short amount of talk and standby time, replace the batteries with the same type and capacity as was supplied with the handset. If you have difficulty or are unsure about obtaining batteries contact Oricom Customer Support, they will be able to advise or supply replacement batteries.

Q. I hear a lot of interference on my telephone when making or receiving calls, what is wrong?

A. DECT cordless phones are free from interference, any interference is probably introduced from the phone line or other source. If you have ADSL or ADSL2+ ensure you have suitable line filters installed on every device connected to the phone line. You should also ensure that the handset and base are located away from other electronic devices such as computers, televisions, microwave ovens and fridges.
Q. The envelope icon is constantly flashing, how do I stop it.
A.The envelope icon flashes when you have new messages on your voicemail service. Check for messages on your Home Messages 101 or Messagbank service. Once these have been reviewed the LED will stop flashing.
Q. My handset shows SEARCHING and I cannot make or receive phone calls how do I fix it.
A.When your handset shows SEARCHING it means it is looking for the base. Try moving closer to the base, if this does not fix the problem perform a reset. To do this, remove the batteries from your handsets. Unplug the power supply and telephone line cord from the base. Leave them like this for 15 minutes. Then plug the power supply and telephone line cord back in and re install your handset batteries. If this does not rectify the problem the handset may have lost its registration to the base. Please refer to your user guide for the instructions on how to re register your handsets to the base.
Q. What Frequency does the phone use and will in interfere with my WiFi modem / router?
A.The phone uses DECT technology which operates on the 1.88GHz to 1.9GHz frequency band. This band is exclusively used for DECT products. WiFi operates on 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz and so will not be affected by the phone.
Q. I cannot make or receive calls.
A. Firstly check that the base is securely plugged into the telephone line at the wall. Check that the power adapter is plugged into a working mains power socket and that the batteries are fully charged. If the phone still does not make or receive calls, perform a reset. To do this, remove the batteries from your handsets. Unplug the power supply and telephone line cord from the base. Leave them like this for 15 minutes. Then plug the power supply and telephone line cord back in and re install your handset batteries

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